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Service Dogs

How did you handle your grief when your SD died? What helped?

It's a hard road, and wondering if any have ideas of coping. Of course we do the best we can, but did you look for another right away? Will I ever stop crying?

I decided to ask the experts and thanks in advance.#ServiceDogs


POTS Service Dog #ServiceDogs #AutonomicDysfunction

I have been trying to find a organization that will fully train service dogs specially for POTS. I have been looking but there are a lot of places that aren’t truly services dogs. I live in Florida so you you know of any reputable places in state I would greatly appreciate it! I have heard of guardian angel, ASA, and hope service dogs. If you have any information on them or any others I would be so thankful!

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Comfort dog ♥️

I spent some time today with one of my school's on campus comfort dogs! She's wonderfully trained to help with therapy sessions, big events, sees people in hospitals, and even shows up in my classes. She is a big light and always brightens my day. Hope you're having a great Monday! ♥️ #ServiceDogs #TherapyPets #MentalHealth


Service Dogs are Expensive

Because insurance doesn't cover any part of getting a service dog, it is a very expensive process. From food, medical care, training, and boarding for 2+ years during their time training, most service dogs from programs cost $30,000 or more! Non-profits rely on donations to help disabled individuals receive their dog, while for-profit companies require payment directly from the individuals.

Check out my story here and learn more!

#PsychiatricServiceDogs #ServiceDog #ServiceDogs #AssistanceAnimal #assistancedogs