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Sucking air in, exhaling air out....and not effortlessly.

I’m so scared of this feeling.
It’s unsettling to say the least.
I’m light headed.
I’m tired.
But most of all I don’t want to need medicine, it stinks having to be responsible for my health because that includes accepting the hard and straight facts of life with asthma.
#asthmasucks #cantbreathe
#Uncomfortable #inhalers

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I am OVER asthma

I need to go back on Prednisone, I feel it...and it’s bad.
I should probably have gone to the ER to get checked out all (throughout this week, not just tonight), but I avoided it because they don’t really do much and I always feel like a waste of space there.
I’m also more comfortable at home but also more scared at home.
Either way I’ll stay here thanks.
But I’ve been wheezing a lot this past week, way more than I normally do, I’m not normally a wheezer at all.

The only problem with prednisone is the side effects, I’m already in dr terms “obese”.
I have acne.
According to the Pulmonogist I have a moon face but he never sees me so he can’t say that.

I’m just at a complete loss, I have this lingering knowledge that asthma is very dangerous...and I don’t feel like it’s being treated as vigorously but no one else knows what to do.
They don’t seem to take it serious, especially the Pulmonogist, he’s convinced it’s Vocal Cord Dysfunction.
But I see him once a year, and it’s always a good day I see him...always!
So he would think that.

I should call the dr in the morning, my PCP wants me to call if my breathing is bad but I’m sick of them not knowing what to do.

I’m going to though.

It’s been awful lately.

I’m done.

I don’t really want to become another stastic.


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#asthmasucks #hospitalcoffeeisgross

Going on day 3 of yet another hospitalization. I have super high anxiety, which makes me feel worse. I'm trying to stay positive, but I hate these stupid interruptions in life. Please send some positive vibes.

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Prayers please

Please keep my little guy in your prayers. His asthma is flared up and he can’t stop coughing. #Asthma #asthmasucks #ilikeitwhenhebreathes