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Music for comfort

Anyone feel like music is your coping mechanism?
My headphones broke, and now I feel so uncomfortable when I need to go out for a walk.
Like part of me is missing.
Music is my calming tool.
#Music #Anxiety #Uncomfortable

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Fighting the downward spiral extra hard today. #Depression #Anxiety

I’m having the hardest time today tying to not slip into the downward spiral of despair, shame, self pity, ... It’s beautiful outside. Gorgeous. Hasn’t been like this since what feels like never. But I’m extra depressed today. I started depressed. Then I canceled the two plans I had for the day; because of that I’ve disappointed multiple people. This fact makes me even more depressed. I’m feeling sorry for myself, and feeling like a bad person for feeling sorry for myself. I want to sit outside on the deck and absorb the beautiful day … but the idea of relaxing and enjoying makes me feel guilty. I feel selfish for stealing the luxury of time while my terribly hardworking boyfriend busts his ass to hit a deadline—I was supposed to help. He was counting on me. I can’t even count on myself. … The other thing I had planned was to actually go out and have fun with great funny friends from out of town. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had real social fun. I’m missing this year’s version of PrideFest in my city. A festival. A celebration. An act of support and love. But had to cancel. #Depression #Shame #Selfpity #feelingworthless #Uncomfortable #Anxiety #badfriend #fomo #Broken


Would this make you feel un-confortable?

In DM, I don't know them and when asked where i live. When he stated he like to meet. Because he wants to viste where i live. Like me to show him around. Doesn't come off creepy. Just makes you uncomfortable.#Uncomfortable #Anxiety

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Time for a temper tantrum! #frustrated #Uncomfortable #IwantwhatIwant #IsitMYturnnow

This is a picture of me when temper tantrums were a usual part of life. I wasnt much for having them then. I am much more inclined to do so now, at 65!
I am tired of hearing what " we need to do" or " you really should consider". Blah! NO! I need a rest. Not a week home alone, but a real rest.
My traumatic abusive childhood is telling me I do not have a right to feel this way. The tapes of the committee in my brain will not go silent and let me have my way.
Thank God its only 3 days until therapy.
But, thank you for letting me put this " out there" and acknowledge what I am feeling.
Family Goody-two-Shoes
Aka Kate

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Every have one of those uncomfortable days?

Ever have one of those uncomfortable days where certain clothes just hurt? My feet have been killing me lately and while getting dressed for work, I put on a pair of socks and my feet immediately started hurting. I took off the socks and it stopped so I put on a different pair of socks and it doesn’t hurt as bad. It blows my mind that my fibromyalgia Can be so bad sometimes that even the thinnest loosest socks can start an avalanche. These aren’t the only clothes that do it but it’s the one that I’ve noticed a lot more.
How do you all handle this discomfort? There’s only so much “sucking it up” that I can do. #fibropain #ChronicPain #frustrated #Uncomfortable

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Blog About Vulnerability and Mental Health

I started a blog/small business called The Kumu Project and it's dedicated to changing the perspective of vulnerability and encouraging others to embrace the uncomfortable, whatever that means for them.

Vulnerability is dominantly viewed as weakness, when really it is strength and necessary to maintain/create meaningful relationships and connections. And, vulnerability and discomfort go hand in hand. You can't be vulnerable without being uncomfortable, and you can't be uncomfortable without being vulnerable.

Through The Kumu Project, I want to cultivate a community of people that boldly share their struggles and embrace uncomfortable circumstances (whether it's telling your story, singing in public, doing something that scares you *but is safe*, or even just embracing the uncomfortable loops and drops that inevitably come with depression).

The content within the blogs ranges between my story of trauma, others' stories with various circumstances, healing, growth, and inspiration.

I'm really passionate about this project and I've put my blood, sweat, and tears into it. I would love if The Mighty Community would help me spread the word. It's so difficult (and expensive) for small businesses and new blogs to get attention and I think your circles could help immensely!


Thanks for reading!

P.S. The photo attached is of a hoodie I sell!

#Depression #vulnerability #Uncomfortable #Blog

#bloggercommunity #New #smallbusiness

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✨uncomfy✨ #Anxiety

today i don’t wanna do anything. i feel like such a burden to my family. my moms bf called me a burden the other day. i don’t mean to be one, i just get so afraid that smth is wrong w me all the time. it makes me feel like i can’t live life normally anymore. i have stopped doing everything, like going outside, walking, reading. i just sit, eat, and sleep. i feel like such a waste of space. i feel pathetic, and maybe i am. i am misérable. really. i have gotten into many of the colleges i have applied to, which i am so grateful for. i just don’t wanna go and feel the same as how i feel now. i just wanna feel better, why can’t i feel better. #Uncomfortable #Pain


First post

Hey, I joined the mighty app a few months ago. I have found it really helpful and is the only platform that I see as a safe space. Nonetheless, I am still consumed by anxiety when I think about or try to post. I have OCD and I overthink and over analyze just about everything. Everything I do has to live up to these extremely unrealistic expectations that I set for myself and only myself. So, something as simple as posting sends my mind into a frenzy and the dominos begin to fall. Anxiety ->perfectionism->obsession-> failure to meet expectations -> panic -> crippled by panic -> *crash* and I give up. Then I walk away and begin the endless cycle of avoidance, procrastination, resentment and guilt.

It’s a lose lose situation. Trying to post makes me uncomfortable and not posting makes me uncomfortable.

Even writing about how uncomfortable I am about this makes me uncomfortable hahaha.

But that’s okay. Being uncomfortable is a part of life and today I’m choosing to fight through it.

And guess what? I did it and I’m so damn proud of myself!

Sending love and a big hug to anyone who could use one.

Happy Holidays!

#Anxiety #PanicDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Unrealisticexpectations #perfectionism #Avoidance #Procrastination #resentment #Guilt #Uncomfortable #proud #Accomplishments #firstpost #progress #MentalHealth


Sucking air in, exhaling air out....and not effortlessly.

I’m so scared of this feeling.
It’s unsettling to say the least.
I’m light headed.
I’m tired.
But most of all I don’t want to need medicine, it stinks having to be responsible for my health because that includes accepting the hard and straight facts of life with asthma.
#asthmasucks #cantbreathe
#Uncomfortable #inhalers