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Someone here will understand #neurodivergent #Autism

I have been craving fruit but its still crazy expensive where I live. So I got some grapes they were the best thing ever !!! Ate almost the whole bag. Only thing I want to eat so I've gotten a few bags this week - all good.
Just got a new bag and they are WRONG nothing is actually wrong with them but to me they are all wrong. The taste is different and the texture is wrong- my husband is eating the grapes, staring at me and he's trying to decifer what I think is different because to him they taste like grapes #neurodivergent #foodie #Autsim #AutisticNotWeird #AutisticAdults


What causes cross eye in adults?

Adults may develop strabismus from eye or blood vessel damage. Loss of vision, an eye tumor or a brain tumor, Graves' disease, stroke, and various muscle and nerve disorders can also cause strabismus in adults. #ADHD #Autsim #Amblyopiaworld #strabismusworld #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


Haircuts with Autism!

My 7 year old son has autism. Haircuts are the worst with him! No one locally will even attempt to try to cut his hair. I cut it at home. I’m looking for any advice on what clippers people use for autistic individuals. Or really any advice on haircuts for him at all. The clippers need to be cordless because he moves all around I can’t be stuck to the wall. Thank you in advance! #Autsim #SpecialNeedsParent

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Dashing Tuesday

Owen fell asleep a lot quicker tonight than he did last night. It seems we were both in slow motion this morning when we woke. If only we could get one full night of sleep how fantastic would that be, I think. And I know it’s not going to happen any time soon. Owen is wanting to pick out his clothing more and more, telling me what color shirt he wants to wear, and it continues with his pants, socks, and shoes. It’s so amazing to watch him discovering life. I need to find a way to make it easier for him to pick out his shirts, pants, and socks. His shoes I keep by the door on our coat rack. He has three pairs to choose from now but he still goes for the blue pair. I have to overthink the options of how best to group Owen’s shirts, pants, and socks for the day. This requires an organizational level I haven’t quite mastered yet. His dresser is hard for him to open so putting everything in his drawers doesn’t seem the best way for him. Hanging is an option but then getting everything off the hanger seems like it would be hard for him right now. I feel like it needs to be more like in an armoire with shelves but I’m sure I’ll figure out a reason that wouldn’t work too. I think I’ll save that for a rainy day or at least when I’ve had more coffee. When he got home from school he started walking around talking about his eyebrows and buffalo in Korean, wearing his bunny slippers, clomping about laughing hysterically holding his tablet to his ear that had Mickey Mouse going and not at all related to what he was talking about. After a while, he sat down asking Siri how to say everything he could think of in what are his go-to languages right now. He goes through cycles but now he is sticking mostly with Korean, Arabic, French, Russian, and Portuguese. However, when he is watching videos it seems like he is watching Hindi, Norwegian, and German. I believe maybe Dutch but I’m not sure what the actual language is. I’m guessing only because of the title. I’m still amazed at how much he understands because he will tell me in English what he is watching. I got him a new easel that has a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other. It was so exciting to watch him take the marker and draw, changing back and forth with his left and right hands. When he moved to the chalkboard he drew “baby red bird up in the sky”, telling me how the bird flew “up up and away”. The joy comes in knowing that tomorrow I get to see my baby grow again. I remind Owen every day to believe in himself, that he can do anything if he sets his mind to it and believes. I know he is my miracle and I am thankful for all he has taught me. You only get as far as you are willing to go. Believe in yourself and keep moving forward. Smiles to all and donut daze! #Autsim


Everyday life with autism and a rare disease #Autsim #Adrenoleukodystrophy

For all you people who are wondering what is life like with autism and ALD, it can suck but you gotta push through. For starters I have the disadvantages of Autism and not eat much fatty foods. At least I'm verbal. Sorry, I don't like to use "functioning" terms. Anyway everyday life is always stressful. For starters you can eat only 20 grams of fat per day which isn't enough for most people. I constantly have to take pills, and go to many many drs visits. More times than the average person. Plus you feel like there is not enough research on the disease. On to Autism. I have some social disadvantages as well. You have to face some stress. Bigots making fun of the spectrum calling us "weird" "monsters" but that is simply not true. My life is always busy with some running around to services, Drs, etc. I always get stomach aches from all the stress. I'm always tired and I feel done. My life is always hectic even as a little kid where life should be care free. I do thank the people in my life about their help and things. I constantly need vacations because I just need a break with the constant struggle with autism and ald. I just want to spread awareness. Thank you

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