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I'm new to the group

Hello I just thought I'll introduce myself. My name is Siah and I've been using they/them pronouns. I'm on the mighty mainly for my quest for a diagnosis (my doctors think it's MS) I also have my fair share of mental health struggles *cough* *cough* MDD. I'm also neurodivergent.

I am a lesbian (I mean women especially Coop from All American) I'm also non-binary, demisexual, and demiromantic. I hope I gain a beloved community and I look forward to it. #queer #MentalHealth #neurodivergent #AutismSpectrumDisorder #Depression #MajorDepressiveDisorder

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Do people love others the same way neurodivergent people do? And is there actually unconditional friendship and love or is it a tv lie?

I have BPD and ADHD. So basically I think different from most people so I don’t totally know or understand how they feel or what’s normal and what’s not.
So is there actually unconditional friendship and unconditional love? Or is it just sth in movies that I’ve believed?? As I always expect a bit of it or have high hopes that this time someone might actually understand and love, like actually love me, (when I love someone, I do it extremely, like I totally fall in love and care alooot) so is it just me and a belief have due to tv or is it true??
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Paranoia #ADHD

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New Episode Alert! Am I Actually Neurodivergent? 🤔

There’s a joke somewhere about four neurodivergent people walking into a recording booth and attempting to focus on the topic at hand. In this episode, Ashley (hi 👋) is joined by @camararollin, @jwertman, and @skyeg as they dive into the wide spectrum of neurodiversity, imposter syndrome in relation to identifying as neurodivergent, and how neurodivergence can often be misunderstood by the people who are meant to be the most helpful in supporting those individuals — namely doctors and educators. Additionally, find out how stacking diagnoses can feel like Pokémon evolutions (and of course, stick around to hear our favorite ones!).

Grab your headphones, your favorite beverage, and subscribe to Table Talk With The Mighty to hear more topics like this every Wednesday!

#Podcasts #neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #MentalHealth #ADHD #Autism #SensoryProcessingDisorder #chronicmigraine #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #BipolarDisorder

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New to this Mighty site

I am Katness, or Kat, older adult with ADHD, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Type 2 Diabetes. I have an adult son and an amazing husband. (The kid came first, then hubby applied for the job of step-dude.) We have been a family unit for 20 years now. The #ADHD was a learning curve for my husband, but as my mother told him on our wedding day - "life with me will never be boring!" She also told him "No Returns". A sense of humor is the one thing our family has in abundance. My mom and dad, my brother and I all have ADHD. My dad and mom each have at least one sibling with ADHD or other #neurodivergent challenges. The #AnkylosingSpondylitis I inherited from my father, and it is a royal pain in the back. My back is the main location for the AS to flair up, though I once had a flair up of my intestinal tract. That was horrid. It can also decide to flair up in a person's iris, which us an urgent ER trip. So far, I have not had this happen, thankfully.
I am extremely fortunate that my husband is willing to do 90% of the household chores, and I have a steady salary job that covers all our expenses. So, that's me in a nutshell, though I have a lot of wild stories that are all true, and some even have photos to prove it. 😅
Pic of hubby and me.

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Our society prioritizes our life achievements and goals entirely backwards; it is only after you learn what you need and how to get support for those needs can you successfully actualize your aspirations. Don’t be afraid to forge your own path.

Browse resources in the ND-Affirming Resource Drive to help navigate this part of neurodivergence and more:

#navigatingnd #resources #liveauthentic #society #needs #support #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergent

Navigating Neurodivergence - Neurodiversity-Affirming Resources

Resource Drive
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