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Someone here will understand #neurodivergent #Autism

I have been craving fruit but its still crazy expensive where I live. So I got some grapes they were the best thing ever !!! Ate almost the whole bag. Only thing I want to eat so I've gotten a few bags this week - all good.
Just got a new bag and they are WRONG nothing is actually wrong with them but to me they are all wrong. The taste is different and the texture is wrong- my husband is eating the grapes, staring at me and he's trying to decifer what I think is different because to him they taste like grapes #neurodivergent #foodie #Autsim #AutisticNotWeird #AutisticAdults


Being Autistic didn’t stop me from illustrating 22 books

I’ve illustrated 22 books to date 🙏🏽 🦋 Never make fun of someone's passion, it could just be the thing that saves them from the world 🦋 or even themselves Art is LIFE art saved my life, if I didn't have a friend I have art, if I have nowhere else to turn I have art, if I can't speak it I can draw it, art was my first form of communication I drew before I spoke! I never thought others would trust me with their visions I never knew something I did to help me continue living would be loved by others! Limitless, that's how art makes me feel, if you have a child with any type of disorder & you see their passion for it or even just a developing interest! FEED it, feed that passion because the limits the world puts on us, can't fly if we don't accept them #Autism #AutisticAdults #actuallyautistic #AutismAcceptance #AutisticNotWeird #autisticandblack #autizzy

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Autistic Adults and Gaslighting

Have you heard anyone say anything like the following to you? “You can’t possibly be that sensitive to the florescent light.” “Why do you have to be so sensitive to everything you hear? You need to grow a thicker skin.” “You can’t possibly be Autistic, you are way too intelligent.” If you have heard anyone say things like this to you, you are a victim of gaslighting. Today’s Autistic Moment presents he newest installment. Autistic Adults and Gaslighting. Lyric Holmans the Neurodivergent Rebel joins meto talk about what gaslighting is, how to recognize it, and give advice about self care to help us with self-advocacy. Click or tap on the link to listen in. #AutisticAdults #Autistic #AutisticNotWeird

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Autistic Adultes and Gaslighting

If you are an Autistic Adult who has had someone question the legitimacy of your sensory processing needs by saying things like “Oh that food doesn’t really make you sick, you are just in a mood to make us miserable” or “Must you be that sensitive to the music being too loud?”or “You don’t look like you are Autistic so you must not be.” If you have heard anyone say things like this to you, you are a victim of gaslighting. On my newest installment of Today’s Autistic Moment, Lyric Holmans the Neurodivergent Rebel talks with me about Autistic Adults and Gaslighting. Tap or click to the link to listen in. #AutisticAdults #Autistic #AutisticNotWeird #Neurodiversity

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Happy World Autism Acceptance Day!!

👋 Hey Mighties! It’s World Autism Acceptance Day and I just wanted to share this graphic I made for the community.

It reads: Happy World Autism Acceptance Day! Autism acceptance is key to building an inclusive society.

How are you commemorating today? Let me know in the comments below!! Or simply drop a ❤️ emoji if you like the graphic I made!

#Autism #AutisticAdults #AutisticNotWeird #TheNeurodivergentCrowd #neurodivergent #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether #WorldAutismAcceptanceDay


Sadness from Inside Out #AutisticNotWeird

Does anyone else think that Sadness from the movie Inside Out seems autistic? At least she is in some of the ways that I experience autism. I think it’s awesome. Throughout the story she is quiet but you can tell there is a lot going on in her mind. She amuses herself by reading instruction manuals, and she gets into them enough that she remembers everything there is to know about their world when she and Joy need it most.

Some could argue that Sadness is just “shy,” but she doesn’t seem so shy whenever she tries to stop Joy from doing something Sadness is not comfortable with.
(And I definitely would NOT argue that Sadness has depression. She is the one who saves Riley from some form of depression.)
It's Sadness’s deep thinking, amazing memory and hyper-empathy that save the day over and over.
Joy is outgoing, goofy and optimistic, but she makes a mistake when she tries to make Sadness more “happy” and smiley. It’s when Joy recognizes Sadness’s strengths that she can put Sadness in a position to keep Riley from throwing her life away.