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You know your have those days wherein you just have days! We call them the 8th Days.

#8thDays yes those days where your just exhausted 😴 or your tired 🥱 and drained.

Sometimes you listen 👂 to theses days and sometimes you don’t. When you don’t you fall on face! Yep said IT. #FallonFace Sometimes right in place is where you fall on face.

Please take time to rest. Please take time to recover. Please 🙏 respect ✊ you and your health.

The world 🌎 wants to go on like nothing has happened! The world 🌍 wants people to go back to the office or the grinder. We the people are still healing ❤️‍🩹 We the people are still broken 😞 from the events! We the people yes the people you are ordering! We the people that do the things you need us to do so you can do what you want to do!

Yes we the people! We the people will get back to you when We the people are ready too!