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Making it! Woke up at 3 am screaming took all my meds waited for them to kick in before going to bathroom. Stayed up till 8:30am and took some meds to help me sleep. Woke up at 12:30pm screaming in pain. Same ole routine meds, pain I just am chasing a Monster. Have an appointment with a new pain management doctor in a week. Female this time, will discuss pain pump, maybe this is my answer????Beautiful day outside couldn't go out. #spinal Stroke #Pain Pump #It s a Beautiful Day

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Pain That knows

#Depression #Anxiety #GenderDysphoria #MentalHealth #transformation #rebirth #Rise

A long time ago in a far far far far distance from where we are today there was this person who was neither alive more dead. This person never felt the same nave felt included or connected with the people around them. This person would do what is expected and would put on that smile wear that hat 🎩 or that hat 🧢 well maybe that hat 👒 so as to blend or fit in until the time when IT was time to move on and try again. The emotional damage built over time IT really did. So much so that the person #disassociated #DID or as the person who explains #Dis #Divergent #Identity #Spectrum . The person didn’t feel real lived in #Autopilot mode and #DID what was expected of them. #Numbess #hurt #Pain #sorrow #Loneliness #Sadness #abandonment and yes #homelessness .

#transformation from a spiritual perspective and a physical perspective is a profound experience that changes your perception. When you have read the bible searched through Google and endured countless hours of counseling you realize #It . IT is what IT is isn’t IT. #please choose you. #please choose your present. #please choose your path. When you do not choose #you to be who you are others do.

#Transition ended the cycle.

This person sacrificed their life so that a new life could be! Now #free in #2023 this person has hope and a life that is full of love in so many different ways. The love this person has is #Selflove #SelfIdenty #Selfcare and yes #SpiritualLove .

No longer dose the person stare in the mirror 🪞 trying to see someone else. No now the person sees someone who is actually looking back at them. That person smiles! That person is happy! That person dose what makes them an individual!

We are all different and we all are special in so many ways so please 🙏 know there are better days!

#yournotalone #YourWorthy #yourlifematters

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Having Those Days

#Health #wealth #Love #Awaken #Rise #It

You know your have those days wherein you just have days! We call them the 8th Days.

#8thDays yes those days where your just exhausted 😴 or your tired 🥱 and drained.

Sometimes you listen 👂 to theses days and sometimes you don’t. When you don’t you fall on face! Yep said IT. #FallonFace Sometimes right in place is where you fall on face.

Please take time to rest. Please take time to recover. Please 🙏 respect ✊ you and your health.

The world 🌎 wants to go on like nothing has happened! The world 🌍 wants people to go back to the office or the grinder. We the people are still healing ❤️‍🩹 We the people are still broken 😞 from the events! We the people yes the people you are ordering! We the people that do the things you need us to do so you can do what you want to do!

Yes we the people! We the people will get back to you when We the people are ready too!



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Frustrated with doctors!

I have been diagnosed with Pudendal neuralgia. I was diagnosed about seven years ago. I was seeing a specialist for several years and he did his best to help me and basically got to the point where there just was nothing else he could do. He was out of ideas. So I kinda feel like I’m back at square one. I talked to my family doctor and told her how frustrated I felt and that I feel like the doctors are just missing something in my diagnosis and maybe there’s something else going on here. So she ordered another MRI which won’t happen until May because we live in Canada and although it’s free it’s nightmarishly slow. My appointment was made back in November.

Recently she told me about a new doctor that’s coming to our area. This guy specializes in helping people with pain. My doctor wanted me to see him and I agreed. Today I got a phone call. This new doctor had reviewed my file and decided that he can’t help me with my pain and he recommends that I see a psychiatrist for a pain evaluation. I can’t tell you how frustrated and mad I feel about this. I have dealt with depression in the past but I’ve been free of that for at least 10 years. I’m not depressed in spite of the pain. I’ve got a wonderfully supportive husband and basically I have a good life except for the stupid pain.

When I was seeing the specialist, who I saw for several years, I did talk to him about the possibility of this being psychological. I hate the thought of it being all in my head but what if it is? The specialist I was seeing stopped me in my tracks and assured me that he has treated patients with psychological illnesses before and that’s not me. He assured me, 100%, my pain is very real and not at all psychological. I greatly appreciated that validation. So now do I have to convince my family doctor that my pain is real? Good grief. If I could get by without medication, then I would just stop going all together but I need my meds.

And to add insult to injury, my stepdad died so we went out of town for the funeral and came back with Covid. So now I am incredibly sick with that on top of all the pain. Most of my family also has it. We should’ve all stayed home.

Thanks for listening to me vent #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #It ’s all in your head #frustrated

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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

I have really been struggling with something called functional neurological disorder (FND) for almost a year now. I get non-epileptic seizures, facial spasms, selective mutism, and occasionally trouble walking and moving my legs. It makes me feel really hopeless 😩 because my doctor said there is nothing she can do about it - she just tells me to manange my stress. This disorder is also know as conversion disorder, which is a very archaeic term from the time of Freud. Back then it was mostly women afflicted by it, and they called it hysteria. Even when I was in the hospital 🏥, they wrote in my chart that I was “faking a seizure”. There is nothing fake about it - it is a very very real and scary experience. Just because there is no “known” physical cause shouldn’t make it any less valid! I also am frustrated by the fact that this disorder is called “functional”. It is anything but. It can be very distressing and incredibly disabling for the individual experiencing it. I am writing ✍️ this post to bring awareness to this issue, and the problem with the medical system where if doctors can’t find a cause of the symptoms, they say it’s all in the person’s head or accuse them of faking. These leads people who are struggling feeling upset and invalidated and leading to a distrust of doctors which could make them less likely to reach out for support in the future. This is highly damaging. Just needed to rant and ask has anyone experienced anything similar with the medical system or symptoms of FND? How do you cope? #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #non -epileptic seizures, #Selective mutism #mobility issues #It ’s not all in your head

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Someday all you can do

No quite
No blame other
No fall down and not get
No walk of the cliff
#It a minute


Holiday Blues? Let’s Get Creative.

#It is the Memorial Day Holiday weekend which has the extra day off for many and has traditionally been the unofficial beginning of summer; the thoughts for many, a time of planning vacations, barbecuing with family/friends, shedding the body covering clothes, time for FUN.

For those with mental illness, this does not have the same meaning for the suffering. It contributes to more profound feelings of loneliness and the deep understanding of isolation in the time when others are scurrying about having fun in the sun with others. The Depressive Disorders, the many Anxiety Disorders, Body Image Disorders, and too many too list disorders create so much pain when we don’t get to do what we see others getting to do and having a full and enjoyable life.

As you have been managing your mental illnesses, what are unique adaptions you have made to be able to have some quality of life during these times? I’m not talking about the things we already know like, “reach out to someone, do something to get out of yourself,” etc which may be true but are not of significant help when you are in that space and it often cause more pain. Let’s think and offer creative suggestions. Ones that make us think, laugh, momentarily forget, and those types of thoughts.

Me first. Dissociative Identity Disorder, CPTSD, Major Depression (with functional energy right now - the Key), Social/Performance Anxiety, overweight. I signed up for a belly dancing class! I’m 54 and I have set an intention. It’s one evening a week for 8 weeks. I went to the first one Thursday. Will I be mentally able every Thursday evening? Honestly, I’m not very hopeful of that but I did get out once, visited with 2 other women (small is good), and laughed. A huge victory for someone like me.