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*sigh* Questions pop up in my head all day long.

How will I do this?
Why is the process so long?
Or why do I have to do it this way?
It seems that I have no say.

Why am I anxious? Why am I depressed?
What in the world? How do I get rid of this mess?
Praying constantly for a way out. Seeking others, expecting them to get me out.

Why am I lonely? Why can’t they see? I just need someone to talk to me?
They have their life. They have to live, too. Be happy for them, can’t bring them down with you.

All day long, the questions pop in my head. The answer to all them is simple - just get out of bed.

Get out of bed and go live your life. Your not here to be loaded with misery and strife.

Enjoy the day. Learn to love yourself. Show that same love that you learned to someone else.

People are hurting. People need you. Go be a help, God will carry you through.

He’s given us a destiny - that’s a fact. Stop focusing on all the questions and start taking your life back.
#Depression #Anxiety #beginningmyrecovery

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How was your journey starting out in ed recovery? #EatingDisorders #beginningmyrecovery

I went to a fantastic program but it was only php. I didn’t last a week before safety concerns sent me home from lodging so I had to discontinue treatment. I’m looking elsewhere but that was the best program I had heard of. The other place I heard of is a step down #Outpatient but they only want an evaluation because they said since I should have been in residential from the sounds of it they might recommend higher lever right away but I have no other options.


#PTSD #beginningmyrecovery

PTSD...that’s your diagnoses. Should I be be glad it’s not what I thought I had but what if it’s worse? Are there levels of something being worse when it comes to mental health? Either way mental health is the common core here.