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Struggles with caffeine/aspartame/sugar on your moods?

I have struggled for years with #diet cola sodas and chocolate. On again, off again. Also with compulsive eating since childhood. The overeating numbs but takes me to depression. The caffeine gives me a lot of pep and numbs anxiety initially, but then takes me to such high levels of anxiety that I feel barely able to stand it. Then I do it all over again day after day because I am addicted to it.

The sugar and caffeine affect my sleep. I know of many studies indicating that aspartame is very bad for our brains and bodies, as well as having a laxative effect, which also may mean that I'm not absorbing my psychiatric meds as much as I need to, as well as regular nutrition. I drink a lot of it, and I'm really afraid to 100% accept all of this within myself because I don't know how to let go.

The cravings and loneliness and depression...my mental health struggles started very young, and have gotten worse with age. There was a time for 2 years when I ate 3 meals a day, no chocolate, no sugar, did have diet soda but less than I do now. Rarely had depression then, but after two years of doing OK I started to go downhill over period of weeks and went into an outpatient program to get back on my feet.

I was also in very difficult perimenopause, and insomnia started then and has continued. It's been a mess, and holding down jobs have always been up and down with the depression and mood swings.

If you struggle with these, what helps you? How do you deal with intense cravings and loneliness and lack of sleep when even a CPAP machine and you don't work well together, and you've tried therapy and groups and classes etc to help with those aspects of mental health? I always take my meds as prescribed.

I would more than love to hear your shares. Thank you for listening and any experiences you can share.

#sugar #Caffeine #aspartame #diet soda #Depression #Anxiety #mood swings #Cravings #Sleep #compulsive eating #Outpatient #Perimenopause #Insomnia


Have any of you gone to a hospital for a mental health condition/ outpatient unit?

I'd love to learn more about your experience being hospitalized and what the discharge process was like for you. Did you feel like they discharged you at the right time and if so did you feel like you had the right care afterwards? Would love to chat to you about this :D. #Hospital #Outpatient #Inpatient #Bipolar #


How was your journey starting out in ed recovery? #EatingDisorders #beginningmyrecovery

I went to a fantastic program but it was only php. I didn’t last a week before safety concerns sent me home from lodging so I had to discontinue treatment. I’m looking elsewhere but that was the best program I had heard of. The other place I heard of is a step down #Outpatient but they only want an evaluation because they said since I should have been in residential from the sounds of it they might recommend higher lever right away but I have no other options.


Residential/ outpatient treatment

Wondering what your guys experience with residential and or outpatient treatment has been like? I’ve been involuntary inpatient at a hospital and it was one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life so far. Was brought in for a suicide attempt and then was threatened by another patient in the ward. It was ironic that I was suddenly terrified of being killed by this person when days before I had contemplated killing myself. Anyways, I’m looking into more intense treatment for my depression and would love recommendations. #Depression #Anxiety #ResidentialCare #Outpatient


Advice if a usual therapist/ facilitator in your outpatient group therapy has left?

I have been in an #EatingDisorder outpatient group therapy program since last year and absolutely loved the therapist because she was one of the few psychologists that actually cared. I had met her during inpatient treatment and specifically chose this group because she was facilitating it. But this morning I went into group only only to find out that she has left. Has anyone been in this situation? I’m not entirely sure whether to continue treatment in this program?

#Therapy #MentalHealth #Outpatient #Depression #SocialAnxiety #Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #AnorexiaNervosa #EatingDisorders


Frustrated #Outpatient

I felt frustrated I have to be an outpatient program until March, my doctor gives me a doctor notes, so I can go back to college and work.