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3 Things to stay occupied when poor health

I have found a few things that help me feel productive & that I’m growing during down periods of less than stellar health:

1) Learn/practice language:
I use Duolingo at least an hour daily for French, Spanish, etc. My goal is to be fluent in French by December to surprise my Quebecois family at Christmas. Other apps are lingodeer, babbel, rosetta stone, etc.

2) Study a new subject:
I am taking an online Trauma & psychotherapy course, and reading a library book about Oppositional Defiant Disorder in preparation for going back to teaching, and we are waiting to adopt our first child from foster care.

3) Learn a new skill:
cooking, painting, drawing, writing, investing, gardening-literally the options are limitless! I watched youtube and self-taught how to play the ukulele!

4) Watch Foreign Films:
Currently I’m giving the Korean Drama/Rom Com Crash Landing On You a try. When I don’t understand a reference or something they do I look it up online and learn more about Korean culture as a result. I may not be well enough to travel right now, but I can still get cultural fixes online!

#BeWell #findpurpose #keepliving

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These times...

The anchors we have become accustomed to are no longer. Jobs, gatherings, socializing, and even the trust we have in government to protect us. The world is going through a kind of mourning. Loss is everywhere you look, the disbelief that first entered our lives was followed by sadness and anger, and it will eventually be replaced by acceptance. This will pass, all things do. The false sense of control will once again catch us unprepared and overestimating our own power. Release. Do what you can to help others, and focus on the positive changes that you can make for yourself and your community. There are going to be many looking for some relief, help and compassion during this time. What can you share? Believe me, every act of kindness will be so appreciated. Every gesture of love will be welcome. #standardbadge #Loss #Grief #CoronaVirus #BeWell  


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I’m sure you can relate! #BrainFog

My brain is mush today. I was talking to my father this morning, and all of a sudden, the words coming out were NOT the ones I chose!!!
I guess today is a “sit on the couch so I don’t fall over onto the floor” kind of days.
Be well, friends.
#BeWell #you ’reNotAlone #SAVETHEBEES !