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Introducing Marshall #Loss #Grief #pet #dog #MentalHealth #MightyTogether

Time heals they say. The loss of our dear friend Brandy in the spring of 2023 has been difficult to move on from. There is something in our home that is missing, there is a piece missing that is needed to complete our home. Brandy was an important part of our family, that we could never replace.
Introducing Marshall

Introducing Marshall

Time heals they say. The loss of our dear friend Brandy in the spring of 2023 has been difficult to move on from. There is something in our home that is missing, there is a piece missing that is ne…
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Sometimes I find the lyrics I need in the most unexpected places

It's been a minute since I called you
Just to hear the answer phone
Yeah, I know that you won't get this
But I'll leave a message so I'm not alone
This morning I woke up still dreaming
With memories playing through my head
You'll never know how much I miss you
The day that they took you
I wish it was me instead
But you once told me "Don't give up
You can do it day by day"
And diamonds, they don't turn to dust or fade away
So I will keep you, day and night
Here until the day I die
I'll be living one life for the two of us
I will be the best of me
Always keep you next to me

Even when I'm on my own
I know I won't be alone

From “Two of Us” by Louis Tomlinson

#Loss #Grief

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Preanticipatory Grief

Have you ever felt #Grief before the person who is terminally ill has passed away? I know that it will happen, but I also know that my brain is unable to really focus. Since I am on #prozac it makes it difficult for some internal emotions to be displayed.

I am feeling #sad and feeling a sense of #Loss without actually experiencing it yet. I think that it is because my Aunt is very ill and should make it through the holidays if we are blessed enough for that. I am #scared because I know what it is like to lose a parent as I lost my Dad last year to #Cancer and it hurts like crazy.

It is also #horrible when you #Lose a job because you called out so many times. It is not a good feeling at all whatsoever. That is grief as well. I am struggling and I really would like a #friend .

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When depression and anxiety make me feel liking giving up.

Hi everyone! I often read posts on The Mighty and appreciate them all, but I don't often actively interact or post my own stories. Today I'm, for the first time feeling so hopeless and helpless that I'm thinking that not existing at all is a serious option. While I've denied having passive suicidal ideations, I'm pretty sure that is what I'm experiencing. I've dealt pretty effectively with all the things that get me down, but today...as I contemplate my extreme financial strains, lack of an in-person support network, facing my rent going up, and wondering how in the world I'm going to take care of needed car repairs, having enough food (since my benefits were cut from $280 to $71 per month), and dealing with extreme feelings of isolation...I'm for the first time thinking ceasing to exist is an option. And I'm scared. I'm sixty-eight years old, barely living on SS income, and feeling completely isolated and alone...and I just don't know how to handle it.

I've been prescribed an antidepressant, which I will begin taking today...but that isn't helping my feelings of desperation and anger that our systems are so broken, or that there is little help for so many of us. Trying to deal with the red tape and confusing process to apply for subsidized housing...and then seeing just how long it may take to get anywhere with that...with extensive waitlist times and how overwhelmed the system is, is just adding to my current state of not knowing what to do, or how much longer I can keep up any semblance of a happy face or keep my anger and frustration from spilling over into every aspect of my life.

I've even been considering admitting myself into a hospital for help to get me through this...but that is a bit horrifying all by itself. What does one do when help seems so out of reach and so complicated to acquire? I'm seeing a psychiatrist...which is helpful, and my medication doctor (who I have to go through for medication help) seems coldly distant and often unhelpful...which doesn't deal with or help my daily feelings of hopelessness and helplessness when I'm by myself and alone with my thoughts and frustrations. Any advice from the community will be much appreciated.#Depression #Anxiety #hopelessness #helplessness #Sleep #Loss #Isolation #Pain

Thank you!


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I'm new here!

Hi I'm Jessica and I'm here to have a community that can truly understand what it's like and to share my story so others know their not alone, even when we feel like we are. #TheMighty #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #PanicDisorder #Grief #Loss #Survivor #Migraine

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