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did you know

that I was thinking about you

just now?

that, regardless of whether you ever read this or not

that you existed in my head

just now?

it is said that we never truly die

until the last person that remembers us

dies also

I sometimes think that we never really exist

unless someone else is thinking about us

so I wanted you to know

that I was thinking about you,

just now.

#MightyPoets #you

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What you are is

#Memory #Fibromyalgia #Trauma #CPTSD

The funny thing about the brain is that this cellular system can be altered in so many different ways. From the chemical reactions to the electrical signals and yes even the neurons that produce memories.

If your brain 🧠 changes you change but then how can you say you are you if you are not the same you before you changed?

Fibromyalgia can cause you to have cognitive impairment which includes memory both long term and short term. If you add trauma to this equation and some other factors like stress or anxiety you may develop symptoms of depression and or PTDS or CPTSD. Now if you understand what is happening to your brain 🧠 you may find that family members and friends say you are not the same. In fact people may say you changed. While in actuality your brain 🧠 changed and is not the same.

So to recap you are you even though you don’t act like you. So the old you is gone and a new you is emerging yet you are still you or rather the people that want you to remain you as the old you expect you to be you.

Meanwhile the new you is very different and clearly you don’t have the same mindset as the old you cause you are a new you.

So why can’t you just be you whatever Version or variation of you that is now you.

We can imagine this is ver my troubling for you let alone the poor people in your life who don’t quite understand how you are now a new you.

Yet you are to be you but some of them don’t want you to be you. But are you actually you if your not you.

You can see the confounding and compounded reality of well the new you.

So while you grieve the old you and the friends and family are in denial about you. You can only imagine how hard this must be for all of them let a lone you.

Wait now just be you actually yes 🙌 you get to be you now this is you actually accept you for being you. Just be you. IT is not just you that has to grow and adapt. In fact everyone you know will now have a chance to grow.

Think of IT as a sacred or secret garden 🪴 Only the plants that can co-exist in harmony with you are allowed in the garden. While others that over grow and block other plant are not permitted.

Now you see.

You can just be you and the garden 🪴 your in is just for you. After all your the one with the chronic illness and or disability should you not also require extra care just like a flower in a garden that needs extra attention.

So who now can say hey 👋 you are not you when you are you.

Do new flowers not grow every spring and even though they may look the same are the stems the same are the petals the same and are they the exact same flower that parishes in the fall last year? No they are new flowers 💐

So embrace the you that is new and just be you

#onelove out to all of well #you

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Everyone has a reason to live

#you should wait till you hear other people problems then you thank God for yours

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Pain That knows

#Depression #Anxiety #GenderDysphoria #MentalHealth #transformation #rebirth #Rise

A long time ago in a far far far far distance from where we are today there was this person who was neither alive more dead. This person never felt the same nave felt included or connected with the people around them. This person would do what is expected and would put on that smile wear that hat 🎩 or that hat 🧢 well maybe that hat 👒 so as to blend or fit in until the time when IT was time to move on and try again. The emotional damage built over time IT really did. So much so that the person #disassociated #DID or as the person who explains #Dis #Divergent #Identity #Spectrum . The person didn’t feel real lived in #Autopilot mode and #DID what was expected of them. #Numbess #hurt #Pain #sorrow #Loneliness #Sadness #abandonment and yes #homelessness .

#transformation from a spiritual perspective and a physical perspective is a profound experience that changes your perception. When you have read the bible searched through Google and endured countless hours of counseling you realize #It . IT is what IT is isn’t IT. #please choose you. #please choose your present. #please choose your path. When you do not choose #you to be who you are others do.

#Transition ended the cycle.

This person sacrificed their life so that a new life could be! Now #free in #2023 this person has hope and a life that is full of love in so many different ways. The love this person has is #Selflove #SelfIdenty #Selfcare and yes #SpiritualLove .

No longer dose the person stare in the mirror 🪞 trying to see someone else. No now the person sees someone who is actually looking back at them. That person smiles! That person is happy! That person dose what makes them an individual!

We are all different and we all are special in so many ways so please 🙏 know there are better days!

#yournotalone #YourWorthy #yourlifematters

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Keep Going!!!

Keep going in life. Most of you have probably been on earth longer than me because I'm 13 years old but I want you all to know Your important Don't ever let people tell you different. You belong here on earth there are people who love and care about you. Look at this website for example you have so many people who are like you and who support you.Don't forget it. You deserve a chance at a life. You are perfect in your own way no matter who you are. Don't forget those who love and care about you. Have a great Tuesday. # Stay Strong #you belong here #you have a purpose.