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I need some encouragement to function

I've been feeling depressed after I went for an interview last week. I completely feel like I did so badly and it's affected everything from my confidence, mindset and how I function over the last few days. I've been noticing the symptoms of a Bipolar 2 Manic Low coming on and I've tried to either sleep or cook to keep busy with my anxiety causing me to be so restless, it's like I feel there is some impending doom coming my way. I don't feel like doing anything I used to do prior to the interview, I'm forcing myself to check my emails and talk to mum and bro. I'm avoiding my friends and ignoring their messages or telling them I need space. I'm unemployed so right now I can't fulfill my prescription for meds and being unemployed is this huge weight on me that's crushing me down and overwhelming.. I wish I could just stay in a state of sleep and not wake up
#Anxiety #MDDWITHANXIETY #Bipolarlow #feelinglikeimnotgoodenough

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