Hello everyone on this side of the interwebs tonight, or today? Or this morning? Whenever you are. I just want to say try find the small things in life to enjoy! Like the octopus in the picture! My city of Hamilton, New Zealand has a public art event every year and this was here for a few months and I got really excited to see the fancy lights change and made me remember how simple some things are to enjoy. But not just that. These past few months have been utter hell for me but I’ve found some new friends kind of and just now I was giggling like a child after funny reactions on Siri on my iPhone. I’ve never owned one till about a month ago and tonight I asked fun questions and even had siri start “singing” bohemian rhapsody. So guys, gals and other pals. Life may be a crumbling taco right now but look for the small things. A cute animal you see, suddenly talking to a friend, watching a tv show from when you were a kid. If you got young family maybe go do stuff like parks. I cannot explain how much I miss going to the park with my dad. The small things in life are some of the bestest. #Smallthings #happy #anxious #boonstreetart #Art #Depression