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They saved my life

To some people these are just animals. To me they are my babies, the one love tha never judges just accepts you & the amount of times I owe them my life. When attempts have happened they have helped to make me realise things

The Merle pup I’m proud of has just been accepted into an assistance dog program so I very excited it will cha be my life give me more confidence and ability to go out

I’m so proud of my dogs , every day I try now to make myself worthy of being part of their lives
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Here is my family new fluffy cat #happy #DistractMe

This is my family new cat. He really like my dad room. I hope this will make someone happy.

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I feel like if im over #positve with joy about anything, It doesn't work out the why i want. If im #negative it doesn't work out it, or things do kind of work out. You know what i mean. Sometimes you want something so bad. But roadblocks come in it's why. But i guess no matter how much wishing one makes. If it's meant to happen, it will. Everything happends for a reason. Things work out how they are suppose to. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #LearningDisabilities #Depression #Anxiety Sometimes i just feel like maybe im just a unlucky person. I'M not suppose to be #happy . Or i'll be stuck in this city i grew up for the rest of my life. Nothing good ever happends to me. This mind set of negative things. Isn't do me any good.

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