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Flavored rice crisps are wicked good. My favorite flavor is BBQ but ranch and cheddar are good as well. BBQ tastes just like chips. Who needs chips?#TheMighty #MightyTogether #DistractMe #distraction #Distract #Smallthings #littlethings

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I guess this an achievement? #Smallthings #CFS #FibroFog #Fibromyalgia

I forced myself to get up. Just ow. I'm making a frozen dinner thing. First food today. Drinking a body armour. 🥴 Fibro fog has been bad today. Super confused a lot of the time with bad executive dysfunction. 💫
I did manage to sit in the living room for a bit today and go outside and say f this because of the wind and cold 🥶 pain managed to re-hit with a double punch and I'm not fully okay but getting food.

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3 Things that say "I Need You Alive"

Three Things that say "I need You Alive"

Family member. Whoever you have cherish them. If you can hug them. Call or text. Reach out. Thank them for being in your corner. Thank yous are so powerful. Pet. I have a dog. The love of my life and adds some needed structure to my day. Also someone to talk to. You can have a cat, gerbil, ferret, even a fish. The key is something you need to take care of. A plant. This is my favorite because it is the easiest and you can see the results. Look into getting a plant that is suited for where you live. *** Some suggest three one for sight, smell, and one you can eat.

Hope this helps!

Stay strong. You are worth. You are not alone! #selfcare #MentalHealth #Smallthings

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We have had a lot of English rain this week which upsets the Duke of Bork’s delicate sensibilities. I will never know why but snow, swimming, and puddles of mud are all good things, but for some reason, rain is bad 🙈. I guess it’s a pugmix perogative thing that I simply wouldn’t understand.

Shorter walks means more unused energy which is when keeping a few pieces of bunched up wool comes in handy, and also makes a very good distraction for NYE fireworks 💥

I simply throw some down and let him have at it, which as you may have guessed, he rather enthusiastically enjoys demolishing and gives us reasons to smile when moments like this happen 🥰

#Dogs #MightyPets #DistractMe #Holidays #Smallthings #RoomForJoy

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Finding my own happiness

Part of me finding my own happiness is letting go of the idea that I can always help others find theirs. I can't, what I can do however is comfort those that have lost their happiness and let them know that we will find it. Even if that is impossible, make them feel as if they can find it when they are with you. That you give them the strength needed or the projection of the strength needed to help themselves #CollegeMentalHealth #Smallthings

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Enjoy the small things

Hello everyone on this side of the interwebs tonight, or today? Or this morning? Whenever you are. I just want to say try find the small things in life to enjoy! Like the octopus in the picture! My city of Hamilton, New Zealand has a public art event every year and this was here for a few months and I got really excited to see the fancy lights change and made me remember how simple some things are to enjoy. But not just that. These past few months have been utter hell for me but I’ve found some new friends kind of and just now I was giggling like a child after funny reactions on Siri on my iPhone. I’ve never owned one till about a month ago and tonight I asked fun questions and even had siri start “singing” bohemian rhapsody. So guys, gals and other pals. Life may be a crumbling taco right now but look for the small things. A cute animal you see, suddenly talking to a friend, watching a tv show from when you were a kid. If you got young family maybe go do stuff like parks. I cannot explain how much I miss going to the park with my dad. The small things in life are some of the bestest. #Smallthings #happy #anxious #boonstreetart #Art #Depression

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The small things in life #Smallthings #Nature

It’s so easy to get trapped in every day life, with all it’s stress and anxiety. I often forget to stop up and think about the good things. This photo was taken on a little spontaneous road trip with my daughter. We just drove around without aim for 5 hours, talking, listening to music, and relaxing. This photo reminds me of the trip, and watching it, I get some of the calm I had on that trip.

Remember the small things

Hugs 🤗