For a long time I've felt better at night then the day, the reason for this is simple, there's less attention. In the dark we can hide, it wraps us up and keeps us safe.

To be honest i find this really sad, I walk my dogs at night, do bits of gardening at night, clean at night, shop at night and so much more (obviously I do this silently so not to disturb neighbours etc) and I do it because people don't stare, they don't judge or cast opinions on me, I feel safer and the worst thing is that it feeds the issues that make me do it in the first place! And then on the occasion I can sleep im late to rise or I barely sleep causing sleepiness in the day and this makes me feel that people look at me like "oh he's just lazy", "oh he's always messing up and saying he's just tired" . The real issue comes from the fact that its a revolving cycle with no end in sight.

To anyone else that lives a life in the dark i hear you, i feel you and I understand why.

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