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I’m stuck

My oldest is changing. He went from the sweetest, caring child, who always did good in school, and now he’s turning 16, next month, and I feel like I have NO control over him. He’s failing, and skipping classes. I have him on a day to day schedule, where if he misses a period, I take his phone, and he’s grounded for that day. On top of that, I’m fighting off this depression that’s trying to creep in. I got put on 2 new pills, and I’m hopeful that they’ll work, but with him acting out, I’m teetering on a VERY fine line 🤦🏻‍♀️😭
#BipolarII #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #PTSD #boymom

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New to Site, want to find my people

Hey there, mom of three little boys here. husband is leaving for bootcamp and will then be doing months of training after. I will be away from him for almost 9 months. I also have to get my house ready to sell as we will be joining him once he finishes all of his training. I'm dealing with severe anxiety (afraid to leave my house some days) and depression. I guess I'm just looking to see who else might be dealing with something similar? #MilitarySpouse #boymom