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Feeling a little stressed

Everytime my husband has to leave things get stressful really fast. He left 4 hours ago for a week long training school across the country. The kids have just lost their minds already. I know it's stressful for them but why do they have to lose it so fast!? I already feel so tired. I've got one kid slamming doors and stomping around everywhere and another who's screaming and ignoring every word I say. Trying to get them together for a little family together time just stressed me out. I just want to go to bed. #Anxiety #MilitarySpouse


Long distance relationship

I’m in a new relationship and newly engaged. He’s on deployment till next September. I’m struggling with my feelings for him. I don’t feel them often but I plan and think of my future with him all the time. I don’t feel in love or any feelings honestly. I think it’s because he’s not here. Has anyone else gone through this?
#BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #MilitarySpouse #LongDistanceRelationships #numbness


Moving Anxiety

My husband is in the military, and just got a great job that is great for his career. The thing is, we are one of the very few people being allowed to move during the time. We were told last week to be ready to move in a month, which is now down to three weeks.
I don’t usually have a lot of problems with anxiety, but this is weighing heavily upon me, all the things we need to do to get ready to leave from Texas to Colorado.
I’m excited to move, but afraid my chronic pain and anxiety will keep me from being able to do everything I want to do.
I am in therapy for depression and am trying like hell to use the tools my therapist has taught me, but my chest is constantly tight and I can’t sleep.
Any advice on how to control this anxiety? TIA. #Depression #moving #MilitarySpouse


Now that you've established why

Now that I have established why I'm so lonely, I don't know that I can change and go back to the anxious, outgoing, funny, thoughtful person I used to be.
My reasons for being lonely right now:
1. I moved away from my hometown for the first time 3 1/2 years ago to AZ, with my husband who is in the military, which turns out to be a terrible place to live.
2. We moved to a neighborhood that is isolated from most usually frequented places.
3. Everytime I try to connect with other spouses it's usually because they need something from you, and I decided to just say no, so that means no one needs you unless you can help them.
https://4.I have no friends here at all and no friends anywhere for that matter that I regularly talk to so I feel extremely disconnected from the world.
5. I'm estranged from everyone in my family, including my only sibling, except for my parents.
6. My spouse is not encouraging or helpful when I ask him his opinion of things, I feel like he doesn't even care, which he doesn't. (We talked about that)
7. I feel like I gave up on my own career and education goals so that I could make sure I'm always available to take care of my girls because I cannot count on my husband to always be there because he's gone all the time. (any appointments, school, sports, activities, etc.)

I am stuck with nowhere to go. I can't leave here because I'm married to my husband and he has to be here but I'm so lonely I don't even know who I am anymore.
#Loneliness #Depression #MilitarySpouse #Parenting #MentalHealth

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Is anyone else looking for a new friend or someone to check in with daily? #Anxiety #NeedFriends #MilitarySpouse

I would like to find someone I can build a healthy friendship with and just check in with daily. I have honestly stopped associating with most of my “friends” because I just don’t feel a connection with them anymore due to my anxiety. That or they became really toxic and needed to be removed. I’m a military spouse as well so it’s not like it’s easy to meet and keep friends.
Any who if anyone else feels the same way feel free to comment and get to know me.


New to Site, want to find my people

Hey there, mom of three little boys here. husband is leaving for bootcamp and will then be doing months of training after. I will be away from him for almost 9 months. I also have to get my house ready to sell as we will be joining him once he finishes all of his training. I'm dealing with severe anxiety (afraid to leave my house some days) and depression. I guess I'm just looking to see who else might be dealing with something similar? #MilitarySpouse #boymom


Anxiety manifesting in anger

I’ve discovered over the last several months that my anxiety has shifted from overthinking and worry to more anger and irritability. It’s been a mixture of stress from work and my husband being deployed that have really caused my mental health to go down hill. I love the children I work with, but management makes my job almost unbearable. I am so incredibly unhappy but I feel trapped. My supervisor is an undermining micromanager who literally makes me feel incompetent in what I do and have been doing for several years. She makes me question my future in this field as well as my desire to what to pursue it any further.

Yesterday at work was just a bad day. My supervisor upset me and then wouldn’t leave me alone to get work done. She continuously questions my judgment after telling me “these are your clients, we look to you to make decisions.” Like are they my responsibility or yours? Let me do my job.

Her overbearing has made me so incredibly anxious that I’m angry. I snapped at a dear friend last night who is going through this deployment with me as our husbands are on the same submarine. I’ve never snapped at a friend before but I had just had enough of the day. I feel guilty for it and will be seeing her today. I first cannot wait to go process with my own therapist and get feedback from her. I am just so beyond ready to have my husband home from this deployment and I’m so ready to find a new job. #personal #Anxiety #anger #Hostileworkenvironment #MilitarySpouse


New to The Mighty!

Hi all! I’m Cherie, I’m 27, a Navy Wife, and mental health therapist who suffers from her own anxiety. I’ve been a reader for a bit now, but new to the app. Excited to share my thoughts, make connections, and hopefully inspire others! #newbie #MilitarySpouse #Therapist


Things are falling apart  #CheckInWithMe

#Depression #MilitarySpouse
*Self-harm TW*

Things haven't been good the past few days. I'm extremely depressed over so many things (finances, relationship, school). I had a major fight with my husband (who is stationed in another state) over issues we've been dealing with for the past few months. He offers me a lending ear but I don't think he understands what its like to be depressed and feel suicidal. When I'm having a depressive episode and just need to vent I don't get much help past "You just got to ignore those thoughts and do it" (Example: when I say I struggle to go to the gym because of my anxiety from a bad past experience). I understand that I should just do things but anyone who's experienced depression can tell you it's not that easy than just brushing off your negative thoughts and doing something. I want more than anything to just be able to get up, talk to people/make friends, go to the gym/eat healthy, get all my school work in on time, ect but it's so hard when you're battling suicidal thoughts and feeling hopeless. He wants a divorce because he thinks that when he's deployed I'll just give up on the relationship because its stressful "like I do everything else" as he put it. I just feel like everythings falling apart because I don't have enough money to pay my bills, he won't apply for the housing allowance to help with that, I couldn't go to school this semester because I wasn't able to get financial aid because I needed his tax information that we couldn't get because he didn't have the paperwork on him so I'm falling behind in school. I just don't know what to do anymore. I took steps backwards and self-harmed last night as well.  It's all triggering my suicidal thoughts and I cried to much today and looked for places to commit and pondered so many methods. I just feel like a burden and a screw up.

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Be still

Some days are better than others.
Some days I would much rather stay in the bed and sleep away all the stuff I have to do. Some days I pray for peace and guidance to get rid of all those things going on in my head. All the worry. All the stress. All. The. Things.
BUT I get up anyway. I get up even if it is to make that new dinner recipe that has me kinda excited to try. I get up to make a lunch for my son to get him through a long day of a wrestling tournament. I get up to be with my pups.
I am learning to just be still and take a deep breathe. Sometimes that is all we can do and need to do.
Be still and let him do the rest. Be still and be thankful for another day.
We’ve got this. .
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