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Can you be cured from BPD?? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDWarriors

lately I have been feeling 'okay'. less mood swings and stuff (still find it hard to control my emotions especially anger). I still feel a bit insecure though. but generally I feel better.

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Does anyone have all 9 bpd criteria and all 5 bpd types? #

I have been diagnosed with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder when I turned 18 by my therapist. she had assumed I’ve had it since I started seeing her at age 15. When I joined the The Mighty community, I’ve felt less and less alone with my mental illness. now, I wanna know if anyone has exactly what I have. maybe not “exact”, but mostly/almost all. I’d love to talk to someone who deals with all of the above and share thoughts and stories and help each other out. I’m looking for #BPDWarriors as I am one as well. please reach out whenever. I’m always happy to make new friends 💞


How to deal with a set back to your mental health

Most of us struggle with our mental health but many won’t admit that. Some of us are farther along with our mental health recovery than others. Not a judgment just a realization and a truth.

But what happens to you when you have what you feel is a setback in your mental health recovery?

First of all, you have to realize that this will happen. Things like this are often three steps forward, two steps back. Just because you have a setback does not invalidate all the positive work you have done in the past, nor does it erase it. It just means you have to stop, regroup and get started again.

Setbacks happen to all of us, even me. We’re all human. An important lesson we learn in DBT is that everyone is doing their best and must be treated accordingly. That means you need to treat yourself that way, too. So if you mess up and lash out at someone in a fit of anger, don’t beat up on yourself and think you are a bad person. You’re not. You are a person who has dropped the ball. Bend down, pick it up and get going again.

I had an incident where I dropped my DBT ball. At my next appointment with my therapist I told her that I felt like a DBT failure. She pointed out to me the judgmental language I was using against myself. I had been so upset, I hadn’t even noticed it. This made me pause and think about what it means to have a setback.

We are all products of our past and things happen we get triggered and it’s not always possible to use STOPP the all-important DBT distress tolerance skill. Not being able to utilize that skill will often make things worse but it’s still not the end of the world. Remember you are a work in progress. You are not perfect. You are allowed to mess up from time to time. As long as you don’t let that derail you completely you will be okay.  #BPD   #BPDWarriors   #Bpdrecovery #bpdremisison #bpdnomore



So as I sit here and read up on BPD, I think of all the people I’ve loved and lost all the times I’ve really tried and failed all the times I thought I was cursed I was a dark cloud over me and I’m realizing all the time it was just me and a mental disorder that for my whole life I tried to say I won’t. Damn, well to put an positive spin, least I know now. Least I can show my daughters I can beat this too. Show my sons that their Mother is stronger than this, strong to raise them to men. And to show them that after fighting all my life for all the different silly thing I used to fight for, imma fight and keep fighting to live, to cry happy tears and to love with my whole heart. #BPDwithKids #BPDWarriors

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Can any of our fellow #BPDWarriors relate? 😂

I’m bad for texting back in a timely manner and I get pissed when people do the same me. Oh dear. At least I am aware!

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How do you keep the emptiness from settling in? #BPDWarriors #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

It never really goes away, and I’m struggling to avoid falling in the rabbit hole again. I need to hear others’ stories and hacks...