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Lost #Broken #Breakups #BPDwithKids

Gave him all he had asked for and more. Didn't want him to leave to hurt the kids or to heal what you didn't know that was broken to begin with. He showed no emotion, just cold and bitter. Then just left. Abandoned a 20 yr relationship with 2 kids with no explanation.
I worked all the way until I physically couldn't anymore. Supported him, was a good mom to our kids and catered to his friends. And what's to show for all that time and devotion? A broken heart, punch in the gut pain, and hurt babies. Sometimes I wish I had the luxury to give up. Honestly I don't think I would know how to.
I don't know where to start, I haven't been single since I was 15 (2002) monogamous and totally devoted/loyal.
What do I do now? My head and eyes hurt so much from all the crying.


Great Expectations

My kid is so funny. He sees the humor in everything. He's also hopeful; he doesn't cling to the past, he gives people second chances, and he says things like, "they are better now.". I sometimes worry that he's too shy, slow to warm up, standoffish, and filled with anxiety, but when I see who he truly is, I know he'll be okay. He's cautious and courageous. He's fantastic, how he is.

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Anyone left loved ones due to #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder ?

Left them thinking it is better for them. It is better for you. To work on getting better without them around you.

Please share your thoughts and experiences #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDwithKids #BPD #EUPD #EUPD emotionally unstable personality disorder

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hi, I'm B. new to The Mighty I'm a 38 year old single mum of 2 amazing kids that give me the strength to wake up in the mornings. I've found myself feeling more lost, alone, scared and weak than I have ever felt before. I want to get my shit back to some form of together, I want to get out of this black hole, I want to get a job or finish studies or even follow through with publishing the books I've created and achieve something I can give my kids to be proud of me for.....but the fear of failing of the unknown have me curled up in bed all day alone wishing I wasn't. #BPDwithKids #bpdlife


Lesser of the two evils

would it be better to grow up believing your mother neglected you or growing up with a BPD mother?

Sometimes I just wish I had the guts to run away and leave it all behind. they deserve better, which I can't provide. Each day im drowning and trying to pull myself up for few minutes to attend to them. that's what it has come down to. emotionless, absent mindedly taking care of their basic needs before falling back into the deep sea. #EUPD #BPDwithKids


Mummy thoughts

Yesterday I woke to resenting the little thing moving inside me. Dwelling in the shit turn of events. Today I woke guilty of not providing the toddler with enough stimulation to mentally develop.
"It's not too late, take her out".
Take her out??? 😳**Gulp** #EUPD #BPDwithKids #BPDinPregnancy

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Stop the chaos

I've no energy to leave the bed. She's growing tired of playing in her cot for so long. She wants to leave this room. I want to leave this home. Where do I go? How do I go? #Depression #EUPD #BPDwithKids


A small victory#Bpdisexhausting #BPDwithKids #Depression

today i got enough in me to go through my kids' clothes and clean a little. idk about you but thats alot for one day battling the depression and anxiety as well as bpd and OCD it can be to much. so i take it as a victory might be a small victory but a victory. step by step no matter how or when it got done. i did got it done #DepressiveDisorders  #Anxiety  #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder



So as I sit here and read up on BPD, I think of all the people I’ve loved and lost all the times I’ve really tried and failed all the times I thought I was cursed I was a dark cloud over me and I’m realizing all the time it was just me and a mental disorder that for my whole life I tried to say I won’t. Damn, well to put an positive spin, least I know now. Least I can show my daughters I can beat this too. Show my sons that their Mother is stronger than this, strong to raise them to men. And to show them that after fighting all my life for all the different silly thing I used to fight for, imma fight and keep fighting to live, to cry happy tears and to love with my whole heart. #BPDwithKids #BPDWarriors

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What do you tell children that ask about your self harm scars? #Selfharm #BPDwithKids #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Scars #MajorDepressiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

My left arm is more scar tissue and dots from past stitches than skin. I also have them all over my legs and some on my tummy. I always make up some elaborate story about how I ended up making friends with a tiger and all the scars are from before we made friends and from his big claws when we cuddle. I’m 25 and have always wanted kids. So how with or without have you tried to explain it to children that can’t yet understand?