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Communicative Expressions

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are ever dealing with a situation and your mental illness is not letting you get a clear picture/understanding and want to ask a question on how I should go about this or that feel free to ask. You can either send a direct message or just put it in one of the posts I check the post throughout the day. #BPD #ubpd #Bpdways

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Thought of the Day Thursday December 29th

Do you like stressing out about stuff? Why do we do this so much? Why stress about things we can't even control the outcome on? This is open for discussion. Feel free to leave in the comments what really stresses you out and why. #BPD #ubpd #Bpdways #GAD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PanicAttacks

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BPD + Couch Surfing

Couch surfing maybe cool for some but not for those with bpd. Yes, we will as long as our mental capacity can take it but we really want and need stability since we really don't know what that means only seeing it in the movies. But we long for stability and couch surfing screws up our world. Wondering who's coming in and out of there house no say so on that, not your house. Then the intrusive thoughts of all the what if. What if I overstay my welcome, what if I don't find a new apartment. And remember when you are evicted you have a balanced owed on your previous property and after 30 days of not being paid, they put it in collections and on your permanent record so no one else will accept your application to be in their apartments, you have to pay this debt off first then they will then remove it from your background check / credit report in about 2 weeks. If you don't have the money to pay it off, they will setup a payment plan... in the meantime, you can only rent from a private owner. If they don't care about the eviction status probably ask for more than the norm on the deposit. #ubpd #BPD #MentalHealth #Bpdways

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BPD + Eviction

We don't accept eviction to well, by us having unstable moods and our emotions are all over the place we get frantic. We don't really like to change our setup too often. Only at the point as if we are controlling it not someone else is giving us an ultimatum. So, at this point we split we go in to rage it just horrible to watch. We don't sleep for days. We get constipated. We spiral out of control, to keep these triggers from manifesting stay in the know with all your finances so things don't happen unexpectedly and if the worst does happen you can be prepared for it. Verse not having a plan B prepared as a just in case. #ubpd #BPD #Bpdways #MentalHealth

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Anyone can become an artist, have you thought about this? Give it a thought or two. How do you get started. I will help you with this.

1st welcome to the world of arts. 2nd you can do this at Michaels the store or hobby lobby and buy you a white canvas the size doesn't matter just whatever fits your budget. Buy a set of paint brushes 5 different kind or more is good for starters. Then by some acrylic paint red, blue, white, black and yellow. To make other colors you will mix these colors together in you paint pallet. And yes, buy a paint pallet. You will also need a can like an old coffee can or small or similar to be able to wash your brushes from painting one color to the next. In your free time watch on YouTube Bob Ross he is a famous painter that educates you on painting I enjoy watching him. I do abstract paints myself and he gives me some good tips on painting. But as for you while you're in the store ask the customer service desk or employee where the stencils are this will be a good start to painting for you and eventually you can graduate to using a yardstick and a number 2 pencil... #ubpd #BPD #MentalHealth #Bpdways

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Are you afraid of having a bank account so you prefer to use a prepaid card? Afraid of the late fees accumulating on the bank account / overdraft.

Prepaid cards are good to have especially when you are getting gas somewhere you have never been before. But some businesses only use major debit cards. Here's the key when setting up the bank account tell them to set it up like a prepaid card, you don't want any checks, no overdraft protection and if you don't have the money available you want the debit card to decline. #ubpd #BPD #MentalHealth #Bpdways

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Why do people feel like losing a job is the end of the world?

If you lost this job, then there is a better job waiting for you. Never give your confidence away to other people. Never hold your head down when you get fired. If anyone ask just to say you keep your resume hot and with your skill set finding another job will be a piece of cake. You may have to turn down a few to get the job you want but that'll be good practice for the job you really want. Never let your mental illness discourage you from getting the next gig that has your name written all over it. #ubpd #BPD #Bpdways #MentalIllness

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Do you collect pennies? Do you have a huge jar full of pennies? Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Some stores have this green machine that allows you to put your pennies in it and it will give you a voucher then you take the voucher to the service desk, and you can get cash for the voucher. People normally cash in pennies during hardships. When your financially under water. #BPD #ubpd #Bpdways #MentalHealth

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How do you respond when a police officer turns his sirens on and flash his lights at you?

Do you sometimes pull to the right and slow down to see if it's you he's trying to stop? Do you keep driving to get to a well-lit intersection? Have you ever sped up if you were a distance away and found a quick street to turn down and park / off ramp to see if he was still following you or if it was all in your head? #BPD #ubpd #MentalIllness #Bpdways

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