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If you are currently depressed, please leave a comment regarding to what extent is your depression currently affecting you.

Are you feeling depressed? #BipolarDisorder #bipolarworld #ourdepressedworld

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Retrain yourself to be self-reliant.

Self-reliance training is sometimes needed for persons with depression when they have become reliant on friends or family members to take care of daily needs. The process of self-reliance starts with taking back responsibility for self-care.

It is important to begin in one area, scheduling this daily. For instance, you can start with being responsible for showering. You can also record your level of mastery in being responsible for showering. For instance, starting out, you may indicate that you were only able to get out of bed for the day and not shower.

This may seem like no mastery at all, but it is more mastery that you previously had. Use your planner and feelings of competence to build yourself back up in self-care. Once you have taken on showering, you can tackle making the bed, then cleaning, etc. #BipolarDisorder #Depression #bipolarworld #ourdepressedworld

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Thought of the Day Sunday January 1st

How often do you think about what life would be like without your mental illness? When living your life forward don't live it like your disabled or have a mental illness, but live life emotionally like you don't have a care in the world. Avoid your mental health triggers as much as possible, but not to the point where you can't be emotionally happy and content. Sometimes we put our mental health emotional sadness before our normal emotional happiness. So again, the goal is to just be happy and when triggers arise deal with them on a case-by-case scenario. But let's not zoom in and focus on them all day and be depressed and always thinking and wondering when it will happen next. #bpdworld #dpdworld #ocdworld #bipolarworld #adhdwoment #BipolarDisorder #OCD #ADHD #Autism #GADWORLD

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Thought of the Day Saturday December 31st

Today is the last day of the year, what's on your mind. What do you have planned for today? Whatever you choose to do, just be safe, remember no drinking and driving. Remember to emotionally take care of yourself today. Remember no road raging and remember today maybe the end of the year but Monday is back to the rat race so please keep in mind that the rent is due if not tomorrow then on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and have an awesome day. #bpdworld #ocdworld #adhdwomen #dpdworld #bipolarworld #BPD #Bipolar #ADHD #DPD

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Is your mom an addict or does she get sloppy drunk, do you feel like you have always been the mom even at the young age of 10 or 11?

Is Happy Hour your mom's middle name because on Friday and Saturday she is at the bars? Is your mom abusive when she gets drunk or high? If you are living or lived in this environment, how did you cope? #bpdworld #bipolarworld #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Was your mom such a drunk or addict that she let the lights get turned off, lost the car and the house at times?

Was this what you dealt with growing up or similar #BipolarDisorder #bpdworld #bipolarworld

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Did my parents think about me when they decided they were going to get a divorce? Mom, Dad, do I have a say so in this marriage, I'm your daughter!

Parents can be so selfish sometimes; I am part of this marriage as well do you think! #BipolarDisorder #bpdworld #bipolarworld

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Have you ever had to live in a homeless shelter? What was the experience like?

We ask these types of questions so you can heal from the emotional trauma you may have endured. Talking it out helps you heal from it. #bpdworld #bipolarworld #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder


Have you ever lived in foster care? What was the experience like?

We ask these types of questions so that you can heal from negative situations that you had to deal with as a child growing up. #bpdworld #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bipolarworld #adhdwomen