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    × Pick 3 Wishe's That You Dream To Have × #BrainQuestGame

    × My Three Wishe's Would Be... #1 To Have A Peaceful Life With No Stress.. From My Physical x Mental Health. × #2 To STOP My Brain From Constant Worrying.. Because That Has Been My Entire Existence.. Worrying About Thing's x Other's. #3 I Understand That This Last Wish Is NOT Important But It Is To Me " LOVE " I Have Never Experienced It Only From 4 Important People In My Life..My Beautiful Baby Boy Leo x My Father Who I Lost At Just 6 Year's Old From Cancer. × My Amazing Older Twin Brother × My Other Older Brother Who Sadly Passed Away In His Sleep From A Heart Attack.. x So My Question To All You Amazing Mightie's Out There.. What Are Your Top 3 Wishe's. × #BrainQuestGame Sincerly, ☆ S.K. ☆

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