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In a life where you sleep all the time, fluffy comfy slippers are a MUST! Lol got these for a steal and they make me happy just looking at them!

<p>In a life where you sleep all the time, fluffy comfy slippers are a MUST! Lol got these for a steal and they make me happy just looking at them!</p>
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Vent art of mine #2

<p>Vent art of mine <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="2" href="/topic/2/" data-id="5c64d91335c7bd00cd341379" data-name="2" aria-label="hashtag 2">#2</a> </p>
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Hypocrites # 2 faces and denial #

From a toddler until i left my marriage and everywhere in between i experienced violence. My parents n step parents abused me physically, psychologically and emotionally. My dad denies his wife n he actually assaulted me from the 2 or 3 yrs of age. She would put me in hot baths, wake me up n put me outside n tell dad i was sleep walking. She told him i always called her an sl.t and one day dad flogged me. He blacked out.
My step father a so called Christian man who is now with wife number 5 would take his cowboy belt off n flog me from the age of 4 until 8. The belt had a steel buckle with a blue rhinestone in the middle. To this day he can still induce fear in my heart n cause anxiety the likes of which i have some control over but not enough when i see him. My mum the quintessential welfare worker. Preaching a good game at work only to return home drink, smoke pot, gamble n always in need of male company. The joke or not is that when she had male company my siblings n i were safe but after they left or she didnt get her way my sister and i were bashed with fists n whatever implement she could find. #denial #violence #2 faces. My sister n i fled as soon as we could. I married a women who was amazingly similar to mum. Physically, emotionally, verbally, financially abusive. # 6mths after we got married i had my 1st hospital admission n i would spend #24 .5 weeks in hospital in 18 mths. My treatment team which included nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and 2 ward doctors recognised the signs of # Spousal abuse i lived with. They said i would either end up suiciding or yo yoing between home n hospital if i didnt leave. The positive to come of all of this is i left my wife, started a new life and have avoided abuse for 7 yrs.

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Meme #2

<p>Meme <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="2" href="/topic/2/" data-id="5c64d91335c7bd00cd341379" data-name="2" aria-label="hashtag 2">#2</a> </p>
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I recently broke up with an ex… we have a toxic relationship, he has cheated on me(emotionally) in the past but since we got back together he’s been really trying. He just has controlling and manipulative habits and I found it hard to trust him after he consistently spoke to his ex for 2/3 years of our relationship.

Now, I have another ex and our relationship was great. We only broke up because of his family being unsupportive. He was my first boyfriend.

Although I’ve broken up with ex #1 he still hopes there is a chance and I haven’t crushed it entirely .
With Ex #2 I always felt like he was the one that got away.
Both of them want to take me out for my birthday and reignite romantic relationships but I feel so bad.
And confused.
I don’t want to be with ex #1 but I lived with him for 2 years and I can’t stand to not be around him. I’m finding it hard to cut ties with him as I am also very close to his family.
But ex #2 is so amazing and we have always had an amazing connection. He’s under the impression that ex #1 and I have been broken up for months. I’m scared to lose him when I tell him the truth .
I feel like I’m juggling both of them and I hate that I’ve put myself in this position. I feel really horrible as I don’t enjoy playing with peoples emotions. I have bpd btw so maybe my reluctance to let them both go is just my fear of abandonment.
Any advice for me?
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Relationships

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Thought #2

Sleep has honestly become my best friend it has become my escape from my mind's torture #BPD

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×" TYPED UP AGREEMENT "×#Depression #Anxiety

× This Read's As Is Starting In March 2022 This Agreement Is Made Between Me x My Sister And Husband. It Say's That I Can Still Reside Here Until October 1st,2022. After This Date They Will Assist With The Transition To My Family Home In El Paso, TX. If Choosing Another Location, I'am Required To Find Passage For Myself x My Belonging's. " Property " I'm Prermitted To Use The Bedroom As Semi-Personal Space. Existing Furniture, With The Exception Of The Bed/Frame., And Closet Space Is Shared With Said Party. The Shared Room And Common Area's Are To Be Maintained On. A Constant Schedule. RENT I'm Not Required To Pay Any Rent, However I Shall Meet The Following Conditions. 1.# Continued Employment #2 . I Must Apply For SSI...Healthcare...SNAP...Find Counseling (NOT A SUPPORT GROUP ). Workout x Go Outside For 20 Mins a Day. UTILITIES...I Must Pay $135.00 Per Month Water Bill x Cell Phone Bill Beining In May 2022. I'm Currently On A Shared Plan With Said Party. If I Don't Comply With Any Of These Requirements. TERMS Any Condition Not Met Will Lead To Forfeitture Of This Agreement x I Need To Find An Apartment ASAP. S.K.

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× So Apparently I Need To Sign An Agreement. × #Part #2

× So This Agreement Say's That I Need To Spend 20 Mins Outside... Exercise...See A Therapist...Get On Disability...Get SNAP. And That I Need To Work More. I Guess My Three Day's Of Rest It Not Good For Them.× I Don't Go Out Or Spend My Money On Anything . I'm Trying To Save So I Can Leave. But Everywhere Is High. In Rent Etc. And Disability Take's Forever To Get On. My Plan Was To Save Every Check And Move. But Now I Have To Change It Since Now They Want $ For Thier Expensive Water Bill. I'm Not Here For 4 Day's. I'm Working And I Come Home To Sleep. And Get Up To Work. Nothing I Do Is Right When It Come's To My Sibling's I'm Not Lazy Or Don't Want To Do Thing's. I Got Alot Of Angery Text From My Older Brother. Idk What My SisterIs Telling Him. That's Painting Me As Lazy And Don't Want To Do Anything With My Life. ☆ S.K.☆#MajorDepression

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Facemask #where you need to wear ur face mask

<p>Facemask <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="where" href="/topic/where/" data-id="5d2d9166a76f1600cfb2e82d" data-name="where" aria-label="hashtag where">#where</a>  you need to wear ur face mask</p>
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× Pick 3 Wishe's That You Dream To Have × #BrainQuestGame

× My Three Wishe's Would Be... #1 To Have A Peaceful Life With No Stress.. From My Physical x Mental Health. × #2 To STOP My Brain From Constant Worrying.. Because That Has Been My Entire Existence.. Worrying About Thing's x Other's. #3 I Understand That This Last Wish Is NOT Important But It Is To Me " LOVE " I Have Never Experienced It Only From 4 Important People In My Life..My Beautiful Baby Boy Leo x My Father Who I Lost At Just 6 Year's Old From Cancer. × My Amazing Older Twin Brother × My Other Older Brother Who Sadly Passed Away In His Sleep From A Heart Attack.. x So My Question To All You Amazing Mightie's Out There.. What Are Your Top 3 Wishe's. × #BrainQuestGame Sincerly, ☆ S.K. ☆

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