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British writer Maeve Boothby O'Neill died of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and it has led to an inquest:

I'm particularly ill tonight so I'll keep it short.

Everyone w/ M.E. and all our allies should be following this story. The Times of London covered it, too, but their feature is behind a paywall, so here's a free version in Devon Live.

Physician abuse and/or neglect of persons w/ M.E. kills.


"During the pre-inquest, Maeve's family called upon assistant coroner Deborah Archer to hold an Article 2 inquest to consider whether systemic or policy-based failures could have caused her death. Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects people’s 'right to life'.

Mr O’Neill told the coroner that Dr Hemsley was describing 'a failure to protect not just Maeve’s life but the lives of those, like Maeve, with severe ME'.

He said: "This was not a case of a local hospital being unable to treat a patient with a particular and unusual illness. This is a nationwide failure to help ME sufferers. This is the very definition of a major systemic failing.

“In my view, this is an admission that there was a breach of the duty to protect someone who was in the care of the state … That breach, in the form of an admitted inability by the NHS to provide care, led directly to Maeve’s death."


Death prompts Devon hospital chief to speak out on 'ignored' illness

Day 3 of 365

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Death prompts Devon hospital chief to speak out on 'ignored' illness

We highlight the case of 27-year-old Maeve Boothby-O’Neill on International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3)
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I live in Scotland and still find most of the information in Mighty very useful and helpful to me.
Thank you for all your efforts x


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