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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is oospringsoo. I’m working through childhood trauma and neglect — working on recovering and healing from several angles while also navigating a relationship and healthy boundaries with my aging, mentally ill mother. I also have #ADHD , and other issues… just looking for healthy support on the journey.

    #MightyTogether #PTSD #ADHD #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #Grief #EatingDisorder

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    Often times when I am thinking with my emotions, I tend to neglect other things going on. This is something I am trying to change. I want to tap into my higher self but I often lack the ability to do so. I know my other post was so negative but I was going through a rough time and struggled to see a positive. However after putting my much thought into the current situation I know realize that there are motivating factors in my life that can help me to thrive. Depressed episodes often drown me in sadness and lies that my life isn't going well. That there is no positive in the situation and that everyone in it, including myself deserves to be judged.

    Depression is so debilitating. When I find myself trapped in the middle of depression or anger I often don't stop to analyze or challenge my thoughts. I just let them take over. Now I am not saying that sadness and anger are bad emotions, only that when we feel them intensely we tend to forget that there is more to life. Sure there are many things that I wish I could change and that life is definitely unfair. Knowing this though, I can now see what I have learned and how far I have come despite all the abuse and trauma. This depressed episode will not defeat me even though it tries.

    I know I wrote with a lot of anger and part of me was glad that I ranted but another part of me feels slightly sad. All those emotions that I felt after the trauma came back but now I can control how long I focus on them. So can you. I can work towards making me a better person and by focusing on my spirituality and religion. I think that by focusing on that then I can be happier and healthier. Sometimes it takes a mindset to change to feel better. I am not where I want to be yet but each day I can work on it. So can you.

    There are great things in store for us if we just challenge our negative mindset. It's okay to feel down or angry but don't let those emotions steal your motivation and happiness like it did for me for a while. With the support of mental health professionals and loved ones, I can pull myself out of the darkness. Just like you can. As always, stay safe and reach out for help if you need to. Thanks for believing in me like I believe in you. You got this! Just like I do.

    Love and light.


    #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #Healing #Hope

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    Can emotional abuse cause migraines?

    Physical abuse and emotional abuse and neglect were significantly associated with chronic migraine and transformed migraine. Emotional abuse is also associated with continuous daily headache, severe headache-related disability, and migraine-associated allodynia. #ADHD #Autism #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Depression #BipolarDisorder

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    Self help for body dysmorphic disorder


    1: Refocus your attention

    Aside from seeking professional help, remember that self-help can be a powerful tool. Compulsive thoughts and behaviors do not need to control your life.

    Refocusing your attention on the present moment takes time to learn, but has huge benefits for your mental and physical health. There are two strategies that may help: mundane task focusing and a more formal meditation practice. These two coping mechanisms complement each other and can become part of your daily routine.

    2: Practice self-compassion

    Along with meditation, self-compassion is another form of mindfulness. Studies indicate that individuals with higher levels of self-compassion have fewer body dysmorphic symptoms. Focus on ways this can be applied to your daily life to help ease your stress and anxiety. Learning to accept your imperfections, especially during challenging times, is part of embracing self-compassion.

    Most of us treat others with more kindness than we do ourselves. Negative self-talk only leads to more scrutiny about our appearance and distorted self-image. This inner dialogue may become so familiar to us, that we don’t even notice this harmful ritual. Think about how you would speak to a friend or loved one and apply the same caring tone and empathy to yourself. Expressing love and acceptance to ourselves, despite our flaws, is a significant step in the healing process.

    People who have experienced abuse and neglect are more likely to engage in self-criticism. When you practice self-compassion, you are still aware of hurtful thoughts and emotions, but you don't blow them out of proportion. Once you begin to notice the negative self-talk, you can make a concerted effort to say positive affirmations instead.

    3: Start a journaling habit

    Writing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions down in a journal or diary is a great way to express yourself. It doesn’t need to be a long, formal entry and it’s not about correct spelling or grammar. This exercise can be as simple as jotting down a few words. Set aside a few minutes each day and just let it flow naturally. It may be helpful to have a designated time to do this and utilize the same journal or app.

    Writing down your thoughts and emotions can assist with identifying and working through distressing days. You may be surprised about much this tool reduces your anxiety and lifts your mood. Journaling can also be a way to prioritize the problems you’re facing. By keeping track of your BDD symptoms, you can pinpoint the triggers and focus on controlling them more effectively with mindfulness and meditation.

    4: Reduce negative predictions

    Once you become more skilled at managing your thoughts, you can use these coping strategies to talk yourself down before you face a triggering situation. This could be anywhere that you feel self-conscious about your appearance, such as a birthday party or a work conference with a room full of strangers.

    If you have BDD, you may find yourself defaulting to negative predictions about how a particular event will go. You may start to imagine the worst: that everyone will make fun of you, for example, or that you’ll find yourself sitting alone because nobody wants to associate with you because of your perceived “flaw”. In truth, though, reality is much less distressing.

    5: Seek social support

    Support is available to you from many different sources, so remember to keep the lines of communication open. Make sure that you don’t isolate yourself from others. Your close network of family and friends cares deeply about your health and well-being.

    You can refer to this:

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    We Share the same "World"

    “We met each other at our darkest times, yet it was a miracle in disguise, then we stood up for each other until we could reach the light again.

    The four of us are the most unique people in the world, because we are warriors and true fighters, fighting our invisible battles no one can see.

    The world may reject us or neglect us, but our moments of happiness together was the best experience in my life, nothing in the world would replace that.

    I’m afraid someday that there could be a dilemma that would separate our friendship. We were gathered by pain, but I have this feeling that we would vanish in vain.

    I won’t wish for that, I don’t want to be tormented by my mental illness. Our prayers, our memories and our promises, I wish it will always stay forever. We always have a fear of uncertainty, mine is amplified by my condition.

    If I ever lose to my battles, please don’t make the mistake I would do. I’m not being selfish on wishing eternal peace, I just want my pain to end.

    You still have a bright future that could break the darkness and inspire more people. Don’t forget me if you are successful someday. No matter how much pain you would endure before that...

    Grenn please........... live on for me.............”

    #Schizophrenia #MentalIllness #Depression

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    I feel sorry for little guy

    Hey I have a problem there is this cat when he sees me he looks at me like I am his mum. I feel bad for him as I can see a plenty of neglect what should I do you think? I used to give him for but I don’t want to give him food as I don’t have my girls anymore I really feel bad for him he is the only one who makes me feel human and I feel really bad for him. What would you do?


    I'm new. Of course. 😊

    I suffer from severe anxiety and Complex PTSD. A lifetime of neglect and abuse. I'm looking for a safe means to find tools to cope in surviving in a sick society. I hate being labeled too sensitive and I hate that society thinks that only those in the military have PTSD. Doctors/ psychiatrist are not any help. Their pills do not work. Being forced back into society, a job, being extroverted and around people is NOT the answer. I am a loving person that just can't get back to "normal". "Normal" is too loud, exhausting, banal and toxic for me.

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    Emotionally Abusive mom and step-father

    I was raised by a mom who, from the time I was 5, talked to me like I was an adult and sought my advice on her situations. At the time I had just started to be sexually assaulted by a babysitter's husband (which lasted 6 years). I told her about him but she said that it wasn't happening - she kept asking why I would lie to her. I was really f'd up. She never stopped until she died in 1991.

    Along comes my step-dad when I was 9. He was a narcissist who would quit talking to my mom whenever she did something wrong - whether she knew what she had done or not. He would still somewhat talk to me, but it was completely different than when he wasn't in a mood. The longest he went without talking to her was 13 months and I mean he didn't say anything to her!! I am not exaggerating - he wouldn't say yes, no, hi, goodbye, nothing. Can you believe that? On top of that, my mom shared, that they hadn't had sex in over 2 years. That was TMI, like all the other things she told me, but it really shocked me that he withheld absolutely everything.

    I started experiencing neglect when I was 11 and they went away for a night and left me at home. At 12 they decided to go away for a weekend. I didn't want to go, so they let me make that decision and left me at home by myself. When I was 13, they went on a 3 week vacation and didn't even offer for me to go with them that time. When I was 14, it was a 6 week vacation. I had always been a little adult and was very independent, and didn't see any problem with it. I wondered, though, why none of my friends experienced the same thing.

    This was nothing new. My mom left me with my grandparents twice while she went on vacation to Disneyland and Europe. We were so poor we hardly had things to eat and I was always in old, giveaway clothes, but she could go on extravagant trips? I remember hating her so much when she went to Disneyland. I had been begging her for a pair of metal roller skates - the kind that had the little key - but she repeatedly told me we couldn't afford it. I felt she was a bad mom and hated her for quite a while after that.

    I can't write anymore. It's bring up too much. Thank you for reading this. It helps to get it out, even though it hurts badly.

    For whatever reason, I can't add my hashtags. They're anxiety, bipolardisorder, bipolar2disorder, complexposttraumaticstressdisorder, cocainedependence, emotionalabuse, mentalhealth, mightypets, substanceusedisorders, suicide, suicideideation, suicidesurvivors, survivor

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    Finding Reputable Restaurant Services in the United States

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