Sometime back I believed this:
Sometimes, when two broken people meet, they end up healing each other. They fill up all the cracks that lie bleeding on their souls. They soothe the broken hearts into a peaceful rhythm. They have felt how much it hurts. So they care,they understand, they protect, they nourish and they last…. anonymous ( ‘coz I dont remember where i read this)

But experience showed something else, may be two broken souls can understand how it feels to be broken inside outside, they may care but two broken souls, two broken ppl cant help each other to heal. They simply cant fill up the cracks that lie bleeding. Infact noone else can heal the broken people, broken souls. It needs a lot of courage to soothe each other’s broken hearts into a peaceful rhythm. In reality, even if you are surrounded by so many ppl, but noone is coming to heal u, to save u. It all depends on u, how to heal n most importantly to know exactly wat u want to heal !! N in all this healing drama, time plays an important part ,’coz few stopped feeling these broken parts even though they knw broken pieces but feelings vanished!!

These quotes, words unnecessarily romanticized the things, give unnecessary hopes that oh someone will come who will soothe, apply soothing balm to the broken pieces…. but this all is bullshit n more stupid, bullshit n crazy are those ( like me😜) who wasted time by believing this.
In short, no two beggars can help each other, n also no richie riches can help them either……pratyaya singh #Emotions #Perspective #Broken #brokenhearts #brokensouls