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Two Broken souls cant heal each other always💔

Sometime back I believed this:
Sometimes, when two broken people meet, they end up healing each other. They fill up all the cracks that lie bleeding on their souls. They soothe the broken hearts into a peaceful rhythm. They have felt how much it hurts. So they care,they understand, they protect, they nourish and they last…. anonymous ( ‘coz I dont remember where i read this)

But experience showed something else, may be two broken souls can understand how it feels to be broken inside outside, they may care but two broken souls, two broken ppl cant help each other to heal. They simply cant fill up the cracks that lie bleeding. Infact noone else can heal the broken people, broken souls. It needs a lot of courage to soothe each other’s broken hearts into a peaceful rhythm. In reality, even if you are surrounded by so many ppl, but noone is coming to heal u, to save u. It all depends on u, how to heal n most importantly to know exactly wat u want to heal !! N in all this healing drama, time plays an important part ,’coz few stopped feeling these broken parts even though they knw broken pieces but feelings vanished!!

These quotes, words unnecessarily romanticized the things, give unnecessary hopes that oh someone will come who will soothe, apply soothing balm to the broken pieces…. but this all is bullshit n more stupid, bullshit n crazy are those ( like me😜) who wasted time by believing this.
In short, no two beggars can help each other, n also no richie riches can help them either……pratyaya singh #Emotions #Perspective #Broken #brokenhearts #brokensouls


Should I drop him? I want to help support him but then won't tell me how.

I am having an issue with one of my friends addiction to alcohol. I am not a male and i also dont have a lot of males that open up about mental health and addiction. I have no clue how to support him, because I don't understand his mindset and what he needs. Also I told him I don't know how to support people because in the process I start losing myself.
We also went on 3 amazing dates and we never stopped talking and even when we did it wasn't awarkward. He told me beforehand that he is an high-fuctioning alcoholic, I just didn't see how bad it was till I saw it for myself.
I told him that since my smoking weed and drinking has gotten a little out of control plus having bipolar 2 and taking medication, I did not want to see him and other people around me drinking or smoking weed, until I can handle being around them and being ok with it.
He said he understood but now doesn't respond to texts or responds really late in the day. He apologized and said he is sorry for being distant..and now I haven't heard from him in 4 days.
I just don't know if there are any books out there that help people understand from another person's view on addiction.

Stay positive everyone :) #Perspective #Addiction #AlcoholAbuse


Just came to me. I'm in no way minimizing our pain. I know firsthand the excruciating pain we feel. In 3rd world countries, ppl are dying of starvation, no clean water, and water-borne diseases caused by it. It's good to remember that. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Perspective #Pain #physical #Death

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Set In Stone

Regardless of how other people see you, respond to you, act toward you, even how you feel about yourself, know that your inherent value is NOT affected by it. Your value comes from the fact that YOU are YOU, you can never be replaced, and that if you are still breathing, you are still here for a purpose.

I say this as I, myself, deal with the above and have absolutely no idea why I have been kept here on earth. I feel like I have no purpose and that I can't possibly be used in a way that offsets the burden I feel I am. Even if I, myself, don't believe it, it doesn't mean it isn't true.

I am right there with you. I feel ya.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #value #purpose #Burden #Belief #Perspective

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Have you ever been called a name by a bully? I used my nurses’ training, study of wholistic wellness that included the knowledge, skills, attitudes for stress resiliency & management. My Child Care Health studies helped me go be a more helpful school nurse when kids were dealing with bullies. It was the CDC’s “ACEs Study” that helped me realize that kids who are being some version of abused, exploited, neglected, lied about or lied to become the bullies. When we can help connect the bullies to the help they need to process their trauma, we can help them break free of the downward spiral that has physical, intellectual, mental, social, spiritual, occupational, & financial consequences. It is more fun to dress up as a “Fairy Godmother, Toothfairy” and ask people what they need, want, wish or pray for. Then I can tap into my training like any conscientious nurse, social worker, mom, grandmother, friend would do to walk along side as you are connected to a solid, helpful action step.

People who make a lot of money selling prescription or street drugs, or receiving the insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and self-pays like that status quo & called me a name with the initials “PB”. I will give you a clue, instead of being insulted I embraced it and replied, “You are right! I must apply every bit of psychology that I have learned from very smart people & the best TV shows of Private Investigators that solved crimes that others couldn’t. You can also bet that I will turn into a superhero & fly into action to protect the Underdogs & any pups that are being tricked & lead astray to be abused, exploited, neglected, & abandoned!”

What are you wishing for? #Hope #Perspective #Empowerment #attitude #Humor #whatsYourWish

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#Insomnia or Awake After Enjoying The Day? #Perspective Matters ❤️

Wow! What a day! I really had fun today, well, yesterday. I went outdoors and enjoyed a day of exploring my local area! This has been a hard task during the past six months. But????? Why I am still awake at 4:00AM? I don’t have a clue. But once again, no worries, I am simply enjoying this quiet time of the day. And I think it is because I am finally embracing my medical leave because of this breakthrough.

Two days ago, I woke and my mind was flipping thoughts like crazy! I tried to pray but my thoughts kept shifting; this is my new norm I often experience after sustaining my fifth concussion a year ago. But this time, as my thoughts flipped from one thing to the other, I had a thought: write each of your thoughts down. So I did. And within five minutes, I had recorded nearly twenty thoughts!!! And after writing every one my thoughts and feelings, which lasted twenty minutes, I was exhausted but….RELIEVED!!! 😁

So, I feel as if a new me has emerged from that moment on! The multiple thoughts stemmed from me viewing other’s lives on social media sites. But those thoughts faded after I jotted them down, in real time. Why? Because I realized, once I wrote down each anxious thought, how those thoughts and feelings were all based on comparisons: me comparing my life to posted photos of others, which are really my assumptions of other people’s lives. And those comparisons and assumptions have led me into a maze of fractured emotional thoughts AND anxiety.

Therefore, shortly after listing those many thoughts, I started enjoying my day. And now, after today’s fun activities, I am still awake because I am not emotionally overwhelmed from wasting time lamenting over my real life compared to posted snapshots of other people’s lives. Remember, those comparisons and assumptions are based on ONE SECOND of a person’s life captured by a camera.😉! But most importantly, those comparisons and assumptions are deceiving and very deceptive.

So, I will now address such thinking, instantly, before succumbing to the negative emotions that accompany my deceptive assumptions and comparisons. We are not on this earth to live like others. No! Instead, we are here to be our #unique selves impacting lives we encounter with our special personalities, skills, and talents.❤️

#BeYourself #conquer your #mindset , for you ARE #TheMighty person #created for #good #works !

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Reframing: Looking Back on Past Experiences to Change the Future

I had a therapy session today that went really well. We focused on the topic of reframing and thought challenging. I never really practiced my therapy skills before (I'll admit) but now that I have to face a toxic person I will use all the skills I have. Besides this, I often undermine myself and my past successes. Though I call myself an abuse survivor I don't have the best self esteem.

Reframing has taught me that situations depend on how you look at them. Yes I take reality into account and recognize that the toxic person will be there and that may lead to a PTSD response. Though this is true, my therapist also said that anxiety is there to tell us something but we can acknowledge it is there but also acknowledge that there are other goals. Like mine is to speak my truth.

Shortly after the abuse came to light I was abandoned at a motel for a week. I wasn't sure if I could get through it at the time. I was afraid I would be hurt again. By the grace of God I managed to survive. I got through it even when I thought I couldn't. I survived the abuse in general and that's something. Yet I have to reframe my anxious thoughts because for me, that leads to spiraling.

I can look back on those past experiences and say to myself I can do hard things. Confronting this particular toxic person will be triggering but it's just another hard thing I have to do. I'm sure there are hard things that you've overcome too.

Never degrade yourself, be proud of your accomplishments. Reframe if you must. As always stay safe. What are you proud of? There's always something to celebrate. It doesn't have to be anything huge, whatever you accomplished is good enough. I believe in all of you. Thanks for believing in me. I appreciate it.

#SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #PTSD #Perspective #Therapy #wisdom #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Hope #celebrate #Life #abusesurvivor #MightyTogether

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If just getting through the year is simply all you have to be proud of then that should be your biggest win

As everyone scrolls through their reels in preparation to post their yearly highlights, some people won’t have much to glance at. But does this really mean that they’ve had a shitty year? Or that they have no worth, or nothing to be proud of? I don't think so.

The thing is, I truly believe that it doesn’t matter what your camera reel looks like - whether you’ve got images of flashy holidays and fancy cars or simply no pics at all, it is not a reflection of your year or life for that matter. Everyone is on their own journey and moving at their own pace, so try not to compare. Comparing your own progress (or lack thereof) to someone else’s is only going to get you down. So try keep your eye on your own journey. Embrace your flaws and any weirdness and quirks you may have, because hey lets face it we all weren't born Beyonce.

Whether you know it or not, you have already survived so much in life, and that is worth acknowledging. Not everyone comes out of their challenges and setbacks stronger and the fact that you did not let them defeat you is something to be proud of. Not everything in life is a movie but I do believe there is always something to sing about.

Your biggest win should be simply getting through the year because there are so many others that did not make it this far for various reasons. Whether you did it with a big smile on your face, tears streaming or a bit of both then give yourself a high fucking five. You made it. If only we all could post that feeling, then social media might be a different place.#NewYear #Gratitude #MentalHealth #Perspective

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Rigid thinking

Right now I'm working on an article about dealing with rigid thinking while on the spectrum. What are some experiences you guys have with struggling to take perspective? #Autism #Neurodiversity #Perspective

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Egogram (Why i left Instagram)

The last major social media site i used was IG. I am a creative person and i used it for that purpose. I was kind to others, tried to be real in my posts and also supportive of others who were creative people or those who enjoyed my creativity.

Over time i met artists in a few areas that i have appreciated for years. Many of them were very kind privately but publicly adhered to this role of having to maintain a public facing ego. At the end of the day what mattered was numbers of likes, follower counts and feeling better than others it seemed although privately they were genuinely great people.

None of this probably is a surprise to anyone here reading this but after awhile i found it difficult to watch other people, creative or not, well known or not, feel as though their self worth depended on like and follower counts. It became incredibly depressing to see people liking their own posts to increase counts to inflate their status in some artificial way. It became so obvious none of it was healthy no matter how many genuine connections could be made there, the platform itself was the issue.

I had stopped using other major social media long before IG was the only one left. Extremism and negativity that prevails on all sides of every issue became overwhelming and i saw it for how nonsensical and toxic it is.

Now i spend my time offline mostly or when i'm online viewing content and not participating on platforms that deliver it otherwise (YouTube, private Twitter to see news on things i follow / enjoy / am interested in).

For years as i struggled with my own mental health i felt as though i was unhealthy, but the more i pay attention, the more i see in the world around me...

I see how far i've come and how well i'm doing considering the health issues i have. I'm not attacking people online, arguing with strangers, yelling into the void picking fights, and i'm no longer spending my time being depressed by seeing good people get turned into egomaniacs seeking likes and followers on IG.

I may not be perfect, i may still struggle at times, but as far as i can see in 2022 given life on Earth in general, i'm doing pretty well considering and that's what counts.

#SocialMedia #Instagram #Ego #MentalHealth #Awareness #selfawareness #OnlineHealth #online #Society #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #PTSD #Perspective