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    Memory Loss

    I’ve struggled with severe memory loss for years now, and I’ve uncovered distressing memories i didn’t realise were ‘odd’ until I discussed them with a friend. How do you know that these are real, if my memory is so terrible & why isn’t this symptom discussed commonly. Is memory loss a side effect of medication do you think? Should I stay clean of antidepressants or keep trying to find one that works, Thankyou #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MedicationInducedMovementDisorders #Bruxism

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    Community Voices

    Help! I lost my mouth guard and am grinding my teeth awake and asleep!

    I usually sleep with a mouth guard but when I moved I lost it and I can't stop grinding my teeth while I'm awake, I'm sure I've been doing it while I'm asleep, too. Anyone have any tips until I can get a new one?
    #Bruxism #TemporomandibularJointDisorders #Anxiety

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    Community Voices

    Does anyone have experience with their child and dental bridges and/or dental implants?

    My son is 43 years old and has severely damaged five of his teeth from grinding them. I am very worried about how he will handle either bridges or the hygiene involved with implants. #Bruxism