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Cavernous Angioma
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    Anyone out there with cavernous angioma or cavernous malformations? How do you deal with the life changes?

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    How does one cope with feeling and living life differently due to an illness? Not being able to see my face in a mirror has been a change.

    #CavernousAngioma #Meningioma #lymphoma #Schwannoma


    Looking for help

    It was almost 2 years ago to the day that I woke up with the worst headache of my life. I was 24 and active duty in the army. It took until December 21st to get an mri done. It wasn't until the day after Christmas that I was told that I had a mass in my brain and that I would be sent for a Neurosurgery consult. The first surgeon confirmed my biggest fear that I would need brain surgery at the age of 24 but he was not able to do the procedure so I was sent off to another surgeon in a bigger city. I was terrified I had never had any form of surgery or procedure before. My surgery date was not until the 21st of February 2019 and everything went fantastic. I made a fast recovery and was back to work within a month. That's when the trouble started again I have suffered from chronic migraine since the surgery. I fear that I will never be anywhere near the same person I was before. I can't do half the things I used to without pain and a constant reminder. I just want to know if anyone has had anything like this happen and how they are coping. I am so grateful that my surgery happened and went so smoothly. I am so grateful that I am still capable of being in the army for the time being.
    #CavernousAngioma #ChronicMigraines #Depression