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Art cards

<p>Art cards</p>
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Community Voices

Haven’t posted in awhile #Depression #overwhelmed #help #ChronicMigraines

I’m laying in bed crying uncontrollably. I want to have a good weekend. Small obstacles are insurmountable. My dog pulled me down this morning during a walk. My neighbor got him but I was crying hard, and it was embarrassing. My dog has to be seen by the vet to get heart worm pills, but he will not get in the car, so we didn’t go. I have asked people for help many times. My house is a mess. I’m laying on pee sheets and there are more stacked in the hallway. I need help moving my lawnmower so that I can work in the yard. I don’t have energy. I keep trying but failing. I’m by myself- I have to do everything to sustain my life and take care of the house and pets. Work FT, pay for bills, gas, and tolls. Make appointments and fill prescriptions, fight with insurance when things aren’t covered. I have too many bad days for all this to be sustainable. I need help- I tell my family that all the time, but they don’t do anything. I know it’s not their responsibility, but what can I do? I go to therapy and dr appts, take my meds, manage to work. I need more help but there’s nowhere and no way to get it. So I’ll just keep sinking until another “good” day comes. Thanks for reading.

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Don’t be afraid to tell your story

<p>Don’t be afraid to tell your story</p>
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Chronic Pain & Pixie Cuts

Has anyone gotten a pixie cut/short haircut because maintenance is so difficult with chronic pain?
Pre-chronic pain, I usually kept medium-long hair, and would color it regularly. Now, it's short/medium length, but it's such a chore that I'm only able to wash it once every week or two.
I've refused to get a pixie, up to this point, because I don't have the face for it but, maybe, I'm just being hard on myself since I love everyone else's.
I'm leaning more and more towards a super low-maintenance haircut, though, because I'm tired of feeling like a failure for not being able to take care of it.

#ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #DegenerativeDiscDisease #SpinalStenosis #ChronicMigraines #Arthritis

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Why it's so hard to help others understand.

So many people just don't understand thre difference between a migraine and a headache. Thr weird migraine gets tossed around so often that it's become a cultural lingo for anything that is annoying, gives you a mild headache or is just generally disliked. For those of us who truly have this disease it's frustrating because of the idea that's it's just an inconvenience and not a fully disabling disease. #ChronicMigraines

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What does it take? #ChronicMigraines

What does it take for you to get through a situation where you are having to call off things st thr lady minute? I feel like I'm failing addy being a parent because I miss soo much of their lives.

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What Helps a Woman in Her Sixties With Migraine

With our ongoing “What Helps Me” series, The Mighty is leaning into what sets us apart from other health sites: We aim to provide real health advice from real people who live it. In this spirit, we asked our community for the best insights and tips they’ve developed for managing their conditions. As always, they responded with their unique health stories and we are happy to pass along their well-tested resources to you. Responses have been lightly edited for clarity. Today, we meet Mighty member Josie. She is 68 years old and lives with migraine. Josie, what helps you? THE MIGHTY: What helps you most when your condition affects your physical health? JOSIE: I feel better when I’m more physically fit, so I work hard to include some activity every day, like walking, gardening, yoga, or even vacuuming. On days when migraine hits, I do something simple, like a stretching routine that I can do in bed or a few yoga poses. What helps you most when your condition affects your mental health? I have a small circle of friends who are good support, and my spouse has been there for me through all of my tough times. I also try to approach each day with gratitude, and I see a psychotherapist when I’m really feeling down. How do you cope when your normal self-care isn’t working? I have a pretty solid self-care practice, but if I’m experiencing depression and can’t seem to work through my symptoms on my own or with good friends, I see a psychotherapist who helps me regain perspective. I also see a psychiatrist who can help me with my medications. Thank you to Josie for her contributions to our community. Did you find this helpful? Add your gratitude in the comments. If you want to tell us what helps you, you can complete our survey here .

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