I’m exhausted for no reason, but I am here. I came alone today on purpose. Kind of needed to prove I could. I took a Lyft and momentarily stumbled getting out, but now I’m eating.
But I shocked myself at a thought I had. Usually I come here and am so grateful and say 10 times “damn I’m lucky.”
Today I saw a beautiful older nicely dressed lady on a scooter. She was killing those corners.
For a brief moment it was like “shit this is my future.” Not in a sad oh woe is me way. Not in a defeating way, but in an “ok if that’s what happens, that’s what happens, “ kind of way.
I am often told, “ you will be fine.”
In response to that i ask “well what if I’m not.” I have to be as prepared as possible. Not just for me but for everyone in my life.
Chronic illness doesn’t go away, you just learn to accept and manage.
Adapt and Overcome!
Semper Gumby!
PS I am more than happy to answer questions privately. Just send me a PM!