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Ugh good day turned sour

So now I have a #Migraine because of course I do. And my blood sugar is over 200 for the second time in the past month. I took my meds and I'm laying down but I hurt all over. I'm skipping dinner. I ate more than enough today.#Diabetes #ChronicPain #exhausted For your viewing pleasure here is a picture of another plushie that I made many years ago. His name is Mr Green.

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Soo tired beyond exhausted emotionally and physically

I wish I could snap my fingers and no longer exist. Just poof and no more me. Tired of the pain the struggles the physically and emotional crap in life. I’m ready to be done. I don’t want to keep doing this. Im not living i just exist I don’t want to. I have few people in my life that would care. Most wouldn’t even notice i was no longer around. I’m just tired of it all. I don’t want to be strong or cope or try to convince myself that being upright for a day every 6 weeks ifs ok and living. It’s not living I don’t want to do this any more. I don’t want to be strong anymore I’m ready to give up #tired #exhausted #Pain #Depression

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Nothing day

Im having one of those days where everything feels challenging. Getting up to go to the bathroom? Difficult. Preparing decent meals? Impossible. Washing my hair? The biggest challenge. My chronic skin condition and the fatigue/dépression that accompanies it has drained me.

My only comforts have been my amazingly patient and supportive partner and my Nintendo switch (lol). I’ve stayed in bed for the majority of the day and just feel like I was hit by a bus. I know tomorrow is a new day but I can’t help but feel I wasted this one… and maybe that’s ok?

#Thoughts #exhausted #Eczema #Depression

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° " So I Had A Short Work Day... " ° #SleepDeprvied

° " I Got Up At 6A.M. And Went To Work... Clocked In At 8A.M. And Sent Up And Cleaned The Lobby And Bathroom's A Few Min's Later I Got Asked If I Wanted To Go Home Early... I Definitely Said Yes... My Ankle's And Hip's Were Killing Me.. So Me And Another Girl Got Sent Home... I Guess Too Much Employee's All Of The Sudden... HA HA!! And Of Course The Same People Were Crying I Wanna Go Home Too.. But They Alway's Get Picked.. So Today It Was Diffrent People...I Work Tomarrow.. And I'm Off Wednesday And Sunday... " ° 《 Skaoi Kvitravn 》#exhausted

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☆ " So I Had A Depressive Episode At Work.. " ☆ #exhausted

¿ " So I Was Not Feeling Myself At All Today... I Came In Severely Sleep Deprived I Didn't Fall Asleep Until 4 A.M. This Morning And Got Up For Work At 6 A.M. A Few Customer's Annoyed Me With Thier Entitledmented Additdude's... And Very Rude Behavior... And My Hip And Lower Back Were Giving Me Issue's All Day... 3 More Day To Go... And Your Probably Wondering If I'm Off "Mother's Day " The Answer Is No Sadly.. I Work Every Major Holiday... Because This Company Is Extremely Greedy... I Ask For Important Day's Off That I Need.. And Nope.. I'm Seen As The Lazy Non Motivated Person That Doesn't Like To Work... Now And These People That I Work For.. Are Sad Human Being's... Tbh.. Just Because I'm Alone.. Doesn't Mean That I Enjoy Being Overworked... " ? #Thought 's ▪︎ Skaoi Kvitravn ▪︎

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× " Sooo Feeling Alittle Abandoned And Used " × #Dissapointed #exhausted

° " So I Had What I Really Thought Was A Friend... This Girl Quit Working At Our Store But 1st This Girl Would Constantly Complain About My Boss And Co-worker's How They Would Talk Bad About People... Me I'm Just Used To It.. You Cannot Change People ... So She Stopped Coming To Work.. But Here's The Kicker She Stopped All Contact With Me.. I Guess She Didn't Like Me At All. And Was Only Pretending To Be My Friend... Some People Are Mean And Cruel.. Now I'm Going Back On Not Opening Myself Up And Anyone Ever Again... I Feel Pretty Dumb And Stupid... " × ☆ S.K. ☆ #Depression

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☆ " GOOD MORNING! MIGHTY FAMILY " ☆ #exhausted

° " It's Been Awhile How Is Everyone Doing ? Me Totally Exhausted I Came Home Late At 4pm... My Boss Didn't Have A Night Shift.. Alot Of People Didn't Show Up... Like This Is Nothing New To Me... This Restaurant Need's A Huge Overhaul.. I Texted My Boss When I Got Home... And Told Her That I'm Taking The Day Off... I'm In Chronic Pain.. It's Annoying.. I Didn't Sleep Well Like Alway's.. I Only Get Maybe 2 To 3 Hour's Of Sleep.. I Also Have Time's Where I Don't Sleep At All And Stay Wide Awake Until Sunrise... People At My Job Have Been Constantly Whining About Me And My Friend... That We Both Ask For Too Many Day's Off... Um Like " EXCUSE ME!! " I Litterly Had To Put My Foot Down On My Boss Because Everytime Her Favorite Employee's Don't Show Up For Her... She Keep's Calling Me In... I'm Done I Don't Answer My Phone Anymore Or Text... And The People Who Get Away With Going Home Early And Not Showing Up For Work... Get Treated Better ??? This Restaurant Is Nut's... And Wait For It My Bully Doesn't Like To Take Shower's Apparently.. This Girl Where's Her Uniform To Work Dirty... And Her B.O. Is So Strong That Now Customer's Have Been Severely Complaining About Her Poor Hygienic Skill's ▪︎ Appearance ▪︎ And How Rude She Is To Them... All The Time... Her Customer's From Drive-Thru... Come Yell At Me.. For Her Issue's.. And My Friend Too Get's Yelled At.. It's Not Right Or Fair... " ° #Thought 's Sincerely, ~ Skaoi Kvitravn

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° " A Full Understanding Of How My Cerebral Palsy Affect's My Life... " ° #exhausted

° " I Have Chronic Lower Back Pain That Doesn't Go Away... Foot And Leg... Knee Issue's. Weak Ankle's Even Though I Walk Alot At My Job... The Constant Sleepless Night's... The Soreness... Add On More Issue's With My Memory And Now Hand Pain.. I Can Barely Walk Because It Hurt's Within 5 Second's.. Like Who Want's To Be In My Life With All Of This Mess... It Take's 3 To 4 Day's For My Severe Pain To Go Away... And That's What Nobody Understand's... This Crap Is A Full-Time Job... I Cannot Go Out Anywhere With This Pain.. This Is Why I Stay Home After Work Or On My Day's Off... If I'm Not In Pain Then.. I Will Go Out If I Need To Do So... I'm Not Like Everyone Else Who Like's To Go Out And Party Or Spend Stupidly...And I'm So Truly Tired Of Explaining To People Who Just Say Of Suck It Up... I Will F*** You!!... ° Sincerely, ○Skaoi Kvitravn○ #Thought 's

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Who else has attempted this many times? Seems my God will not allow me to do this anymore.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Pain #tired #exhausted #Escape #relief #Shutdown

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