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When they're back stronger🥺

Hi. It's been quite a while since we last talked. 4 months to be exact. I feel like I'm taking advantage of you....coming in here only when I need you. I'm sorry.

Things were alright for the past 3 months. My roller coaster had turned into a normal train... Atleast I thought so. I ate when I was hungry and didn't when I was not. But please don't be angry.. I did have food in my system, even it was just once a day. I...
But something went wrong today. Right now its 1.02am where I live. I had gone to bed around 11 today I guess... Which is early compared to the other days.
The next thing I knew I was dragging and pulling and pushing my half asleep boday into the nearest washroom. Just as I dressed up thinking it was only a loose bowel.. I lost it again. I legit sat.. Or more bent into the toilet puking my guts out. And when I say guts out..yes almost all of me. Its hurts love. It hurts so fking much. Idk what to do. I don't wanna wake anyone up. Here I am lying on the couch waiting for the next trigger. Chills running chaos. Breathing softly. Soothing my Lil body. How I wish my inside had another mouth of its own.. So it could tell me what was wrong this time.

#tired #exhausted

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I’m new here! Hello!

I have lived with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue since I was 14 years old. I was recently diagnosed with CKD Stage 3A (which is scary to me), and a rare condition called Hypophosphatasia (adult onset). I am also immunocompromised and get sick almost weekly or every 10 days with something new. Hoping that being a part of a support community that can understand, will be an encouragement in my life. I am so weary of it all!
#weary #persevere #OnedayAtaTime #exhausted

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Day 2 of trying to come off my sleep med. It's currently 5am. I fell asleep around 4 in the morning last night. So I'm only running on about an hour of sleep at best. I'm exhausted but apparently not enough to fall asleep. 😑 With any luck I'll fall asleep again and get maybe two more hours of sleep. My body just won't shut down though... I'm gonna keep trying to sleep though. Wish me luck 😂

#Insomnia #exhausted

Community Voices
Community Voices

Does anyone else ever look at the other humans around you and wonder wtf am I doing on this planet? Just me?
#exhausted #MightyTogether

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Rough Two Months...

Since my grandma's passing, I've been around my family nonstop. I loved it, but I'm very tired. Work has been taxing as well because coworker relations are complicated. There is a couple there whose relationship is ridiculous and immature. If they get into it, she'll miss work for x amount of days without warning. It's not even his shift, but he's there to keep her from getting fired. Earlier, she ditched me to help him even though he had people to help him. Yes I'm pissed, but I'll move passed it because I have already decided to keep my distance because my sanity is more important. Also, I think I've reached a place where I'm so mentally over the disappointments in my life where I've stopped caring. I'm no longer waiting for the good parts to come. I don't see it as a bad thing, it's given me some room for other things. As of right now, I really need to rest and properly grieve. #MentalHealth #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Grief #exhausted

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× " I Find It Funny That People Keep Telling Me That I Should Work A Second Job.?? " × #exhausted #FromFightingForMyLife

× " I Keep Getting Told To Find A Second Job.. Because The One I Have Currently Is Not Enough For Me To Live Off On My Own. I Only Have A High School Degree...I Don't Have A College Degree It Take's $$$ And Forever..Plus With My Learning Disabilities.. It Would Be A Pain. Everything That I Do Is Ever Good Enough...People Want To See Me Fail At Restarting My Life...Like Thing's Take Time...I Earn A Weekly Paycheck And That's Not Good Enough...Like Geez I'm Not Going To Over Work Myself...My Hand's Are Now Starting To Give Me..Issue's I'm In So Much Pain...But I Want To Live Independently And At Peace...I Couldn't Work For 15 Year's.. I Suffer From #cerebral Palsy #scoliosis #severe Tendinitis Etc. It's Stupid To Me To Have To Relay On The Government For Help. I'm So Used To Being Poor...And Living Within My Mean's..Not Spending...All Of My Money..I Only Spend My Money On Uber For Work...I Can't Drive Do To My #CP ..I Used To Use A Walker And Crawl On My Hand's x Knee's...My Ex Had To Give Me Bath's And Pull Me Out Of The Shower x Help Me Get Dressed. I Work 5 Day's A Week...And Have 2 Regular Day's Off.. But I Go In When I'm Needed To Help Out.. Because That's How I'am Helpful. I Don't Think That I Can Do Two Full-time Job's. × Sincerely , ☆ S.K. ☆ #exhausted #SickOfFightingForMyRight 's.

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Community Voices
Community Voices

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why was I born in this country?

I have no where else to share this without endangering my life, I was born in one of the most sexist, homophobic and close-minded country you could ever think of! all I want is to wake up, wear what I want and go out and meet NORMAL people without being scared for my life all of the time.
my mom underestimates my struggles a LOT and calls me dramatic, gloomy and delusional whenever I try to open up about it, I'm forced to cover up from head to toe, I can't remember how it felt the last time my hair felt the breeze more than 18 years ago, I'm tired.. I just graduated med school, I'm 25 and honestly can't take this any longer.
I want to fall in love but men here are extremely sexist so I don't want none of them, I just graduated so I don't have any money to move out of the country and live whatever is left of my youth, my family is wealthy but they would never support me on this.. I feel like I can't take it more, I can't shake off the idea that I was never meant to live my life this lifetime and that it's maybe the best to just give up and hope for a "next life" instead.. there are no therapists to talk to about my suicidal thoughts because they would literally put my life in danger if they know that I'm tired of this life because of this country's religion and the people in it.

I just felt like venting because I'm at my lowest these days.

#ChronicDepression #exhausted #Drained

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