There's a crap ton of stuff going on in my life at the moment. My husband has been diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer and will have his kidney and uriter removed at the end of March, along with the lymph nodes involved if they can reach them, then chemo. He drives long haul trucks and is our source of income, other than my SSDI, and he'll be off for at least 6 wks. To make matters worse, he's been home for a week R/T appointments surrounding this. My health problems alone are enough to make my life a crap fest. Now I'm having even more trouble with pain, insomnia, in ability to eat good food, and to top it off I fell for the first time in a year this morning.🙄 I'm also in need of getting what's left of my teeth out and fitted for dentures (because insurance companies haven't realized that implants last a lot longer there for are less costly in the long term)🙄 I also had to miss my Botox appointment at the beginning of the month and couldn't get in again until the 30th, so I'm having headaches on top of the fibro/arthritis flare I'm in the mitz of. I do get all kinds of kitty purrs and snuggles, especially in the loo🤣 Our smallest cat, Rosie, believes I should never be alone in there. She'll also sleep with me at night, except she's not allowed to when my husband is home. Thanks for listening.🐧#nausea #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #ChronicDepression #ChronicPain #SensoryProcessingDisorder #ChronicTinnitus #PTSD