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Not everything is a symptom of my condition

When I was in grad school, I learned a lot about comorbidity of different diagnoses and how some diagnoses can look like another. I learned about how different medications can make you experienced different symptoms which could be confused with another disorder.

What wasn’t discussed was what I experience as a client, not a practitioner:
Things that are not symptoms of anything can be attributed to my conditions OR could be a reason for a “new diagnosis.”
In different scenarios, the things I normally do, like talk myself through a task- just like many people do- are seen as problematic.🧐
My energy, which was an asset before, is now “manic.” 🧐
My ability to relate to kids through authenticity was also an asset as a school psychologist because I could get the kids who wouldn’t open up to many people to open up to me. Now I’m immature. 🧐
My wavy hair looked cute at work and my bright outfits were quirky, but in a mental health setting I look unkempt. 🧐

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Sick leave -guilt?

I’ve been dealing with chronic illness for a long while now that has largely been invisible. Today I got approved for sick leave and will be taking a break to focus on my physical and mental health for a couple of weeks. I feel weirdly guilty about all of this, but I’m trying to unlearn those feelings and look after myself. Being uncomfortable for so long really takes its toll and it’s ok to take a break. #MentalHealth #Spoonies #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #Eczema

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Just a #DistractMe post with a "Poppy Pop In!" #Fibromyalgia #MightyPets

This is Poppy my almost 1-year-old blue pointed lynx ragdoll kitten 😻 She spent a lot of time daydreaming yesterday. She hopes she can brighten your day with her bright blue eyes 🥰. She loves to lay on her back in my arms, so she can get belly rubs while she falls asleep. She is one of my two comfort cats, and I don't know what I would do without them! I'd love to hear about your comfort/service animals too!
#ChronicMigraineSyndrome #DegenerativeDiscDisease #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #ChronicFatigue #Fibromyalgia #ChronicDepression #SocialAnxiety

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Hello from a Crabbie Mom

#chronicmigraine #ChronicMigraineSyndrome
Hello group, I'm new to The Mighty but not migraines. I have had them since I was five, both with/without auras, abdominal migraines, and within the last year, I started have auditory auras, hearing a TV on in a far room. Neurology said it's rare but can happen. I've seen them so long, they joked if it's rare it's going to happen to me. This was not meant to be mean at all, it was them using dark humor like I do.

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#Migraine is not just a headache. #TheMigraineExperience #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #MigraineBrainFog

I love my wife and my medical provider team (I have a lot of intertwining medical issues), and I appreciate the support that i get for my disability. But it frustrates me when I make a statement about having a migraine and they refer to it as a headache.

Especially at home, I’ll mention the brain fog, the difficulty putting the right words together in communication, or any of the multiple other things that I deal with when I’m having a migraine and whomever I’m talking with will refer to my “headache” even if I’ve not mentioned head pain.

I get it, if you don’t live with migraine symptoms, you’re not going to have a complete understanding of what all it includes, but if you have been exposed to me and my condition for years, you should have picked up that it is more than head pain.

Especially if you’re a migraine specialist.

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New here and utterly overwhelmed by life

Hi everyone. Complete newbie to the mighty and it's community. I am a Mum of 2 teens and married. I am disabled and struggling with life in general. I have CFS/ME, Chronic migraines including hemiplegic migraines and migraines with brainstem aura all of which make it impossible to work or live independently anymore. I also have T2 diabetes, an underactive thyroid and have 2 ruptured disce in my lower spine (due to weakness from damage at 14 by a bully pulling a stool out from under me 🤬) which are impacting some nerves causing pain, sometimes so intense I'm bed bound for weeks at a time. I have a history of depression as a result of childhood trauma which carried on into adult life until just a few years ago. In the last month I have been diagnosed with EUPD/BPD with complex trauma. I suffer with suicidal ideation and have done since a child. Over the last year or so it has become a lot worse. A month ago I had made a full plan and if my husband hadn't been so attuned I wouldn't be here today. I was violated by a female doctor in 2007 whilst in hospital fighting for mine and my unborn childs life. My mum died 7 months later then 3 months after that my dad got together with my husbands mum. They then processeded to rip our families apart whilst mine just wanted to grieve. My life feels utterly out of my control. I stopped work as an early years educator permanently Dec 2019 and feel like I've lost the only identity and confidence I had. Im a very outdoors person and love exploring but just cant do it anymore unless its accessible by mobility scooter. I feel broken and worthless. Most of my friends have fallen away the less I was able to get to the school gates and now I have 1 maybe 2 left. All my family have accused me of faking and making it up so I can get away with being lazy! My sister, who is a nurse, even went as far as accusations of munchausen syndrome!! I have never felt more hurt and less seen in all my life. So it's just my husband and I and our children having to cope with all the fallout alone. And I feel like I have to cope with my failing body and brain alone. I keep so so much inside and hidden. #FeelingAlone #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Childhoodtrauma #ChronicFatigue #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #CheckInWithMe

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