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    It happened again!

    My body seemed to be having a typical hemiplegic migraine. Lost left leg function,then left arm, then left side of face drooped but I took Ubrelvy and it clears this in about a half an hour. It didn’t. I took a second one. It didn’t work. My husband and I had an agreement to go to the hospital if this ever happened like this cuz it never had. We were concerned cuz my neuro had said it looks just like a stroke and you’re betting it’s not and usually you’re right but 1 in a 100 times? Maybe it is. When we go to the hospital, they saw me and called a stroke code immediately and this time I really wasn’t sure what was going on. But, thankfully, it wasn’t a stroke. They gave me fluids and migraine meds and a few hours later, I started getting strength back in my hand and my face started to come around. They wanted to keep me there but I was on the road to well and they didn’t have any other tests to run. They were just concerned about the fact that I couldn’t walk but that is not an uncommon issue for me with all the other conditions I deal with like myasthenia gravis and POTS. I go through all kinds of stuff ALL the time, so I went home. Crazy day…. #HemiplegicMigraine #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #ChronicIllness #Stroke

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Trying to accept the facts #Acceptance

    Well I am definitely in a flare. I am so sort of breath and it is very hard to eat. I still have to work and do all the normal stuff in life so I am just gonna take the best care of myself as I can and take my meds and get plenty of rest every day after work. It is just so hard. I can’t hardly stand it. I just want to be healthy again. I want to be able to go out and run like I used to. And to stay busy like I used to. It has been years since I could…and it is still very hard to accept. I am not sure if I ever can which keeps me very depressed. #Sarcoidosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #Depression #Anxiety

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    Feeling Like I’m Stuck In Child/Adulthood 😳

    I have struggled with severe OCD for most of my life, and I also am an undiagnosed (almost diagnosed) Autistic…and I’m okay with that by myself. But when I get really thinking about it, I feel that I’m stuck permanently in childhood and adulthood at the same time. For example my adult self can come out and talk very maturely about subjects such as religion, philosophy, history, literature etc…simply because they’ve all been a special interest to me (either past or presently) and I have formed very mature opinions about it. Because I can do this with people NO ONE expects me to be Autistic! However, if you dig deeper into my life and interests and personal life you’ll find some very serious disability…including I can’t have a job, I can’t drive, I dislike travelling or anything outside routine. My room is full of plush animals, and I like colouring and that is what I usually do.
    I am even confused myself at how mature I can pretend to be, but in reality I’m not that mature at all…in fact I’m stuck at around 10 socially, emotionally and even kind of physically because I’m really small.
    Does anyone else have an identity crisis? Because I’m not sure where I belong? I’m just me and seem to belong nowhere. 🥺 # # #Autism #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Fibromyalgia #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #MentalHealth

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    Good days

    <p>Good days</p>
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    Back to painting

    <p>Back to painting</p>
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    I’m So Tired of Feeling Worthless & Lazy When I’m Chronically Sick….🥺

    I haven’t posted for a very long time. Lately, I just feel so overly discouraged.
    I feel useless, worthless and lazy because I spend a lot of my time watching videos in bed, not because I find it fascinating but because it hurts to sit upright sometimes, and when I sit up I’m usually more nauseous then laying down.
    Everything for me is a chore these days, grocery shopping tires me out, I’m dizzy when I go to stand up, I wake up with this electric buzzing throughout my body that (when it’s bad) make the back of my neck to my legs weak and pain and I’m shaky.
    I’m 33 years old and I feel so much older, sicker…and useless compared to people my own age.
    Then I accuse myself with laziness, or I’m not trying hard enough…but honestly if I tried any harder I’d physically crash and pass out cold.
    If it’s not my physical health tormenting me, it’s my mental health. I try to find hope and encouragement in my faith…but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m a worthless young person…I feel like such a waste of life. I am so tired feeling this way.
    Thanks for reading…🥰
    #Fibromyalgia #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Autism #ChronicPain

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    “If I don’t make it out of this alive, please do not let my story end here.” #CPTSD #DomesticAbuse #Agoraphobia #ChronicMigraineSyndrome

    This is the first thing I said upon arriving in my therapist’s office yesterday. I really feel this sense of impending doom and I fought too hard to not have a portion of this heard.
    I have CPTSD from a couple of abusive relationships/childhood trauma/a hostile work environment. I have been unable to gain stability since early 2016 when I left my (now ex-) husband. I am unable to work, considered disabled, unemployed, homeless, mentally and physically unwell, etc.
    My story isn’t this. It is that I already overcame trauma, superseded the expectations of anyone, and became a reputable professional with leadership roles and a network of colleagues that I collaborated regularly with. I had friends, the best of friends, through thick and thin, until they were not.
    Now I don’t remember who I am. I don’t have an identity. My future is beyond dark. Even if I do make it through this; what’s the point? I don’t feel depressed as much as acquiescent (IDK if that can actually be a verb but we are working with it). I never was depressed until lately.
    I have a voucher but my case manager has done nothing. Literally nothing but caused problems. I am not getting my basic needs met at all (such as, you know, my prescribed medications 😑)
    My options are basically nonexistent if I want to maintain a modicum of safety. (Currently considering asking a church if I can stay in their parking lot). Or- my ex boyfriend I recently reconnected with is offering to get a place with me. And my therapist at the domestic violence agency who knows my situation doesn’t condone this but also acknowledges this may be the only option I have.
    Taking a moment to really drive that home: my situation is so dire that my therapist (whom I respect and supports me entirely and I have a good relationship with) is acknowledging that moving in with him is likely the only quasi-option.
    This is already rambling so I’m just going to stop. Idk if anyone will see this. I’m just so scared that I am coming up on the end of my story due to a lack of shelter, support, and hope.
    #CPTSD #DomesticAbuse #Agoraphobia

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    I was having an ok day. Doing my thing, getting some things done, actually accomplishing stuff. Now I'm sitting on the couch with my phone crying for no particular reason and I hate it. I hate that my brain just decides to veer left and spiral down the hole because hey, why not! I still have things to do, dinner to make, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to do anything because it feels like I'm wrapped in lead weights. My husband is so understanding but he's got to be tired of this, doesn't he? After thirty years? Why why why? I'm screaming inside and I can't even hear it over the noise in my own head. I'm so done. I'm just tired.

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    Husband support

    I want to know how do I help my husband with his frustration from my Chronic Migraine Disease? He told me last night that he is frustrated, lonely, angry, felt neglected about how my condition has hurt our marriage. All the times he has come home to me being in bed suffering in pain with ice packs cradling my head and the days that follow of me unable to eat/drink or move because I am in so much pain. He made me feel sad, angry and hurt; like I could fix this. I just listened to him vent but inside my head I wanted to die. He says we are in the prime of our marriage; we have been together for 28 yrs; he’s 55 and I am 48. He is angry that our life is being controlled by my pain. I didn’t know what to say to him except that I was sorry. 🥺

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