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Neck Misalignment symptoms

I have been dealing with left-sided head and face pain, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, pain in both arms and a buzzing feeling in my body. I have seen a Chiropractor who said my top 2 neck vertebrae are misalgined. I have seen him 9 times and he said the vertebrae are in the proper position. However, I am still dealing with the constant symptoms. Anyone experiencing something similar? I have been dealing with this for the past 2 years and the pain is so terrible in the back of my head!!!#neckmisalignemnt #facepain #nausea #Dizziness

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Endometriosis and Work

Hi everyone. I’m seeking advice on how to navigate work life with this awful disease. I have had one lap back in Sept of 2021 where they found stage three endometriosis that spread to my bowels along with a softball size cyst on my right ovary. They were luckily able to remove the cyst piece by piece along my ovary and fallopian tube without having to cut me completely open.

The first year after my lap I noticed a significant improvement with pain and my periods were lighter. However, not long after that first year, the pain and heavy periods returned so much so that I’m struggling horribly in my career life due to the severity of pain and symptoms.

I’m now wondering how you all navigate/explain to your employer when/if you’re absent due to severe flare-ups.

#Endometriosis #ChronicPain #bowelendometriosis #Fatigue #nausea #Anxiety #Depression

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How do you all deal with persistent and chronic nausea? I have scopolomine, Zofran, crackers, essential oils, ginger, and mints. Nothing is cutting it. Any tips? #ChronicNausea #nausea

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Hey everyone! Not a bad stomach day today! I held down my food all day and didn’t get nausea or vomiting. I’m feeling pretty hopeful right now! Spreading hope! 🫶 #stomachillness #goodstomachday #nausea #Vomiting #Undiagnosed #ChronicPain #chroniccondition

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Hey everyone! Rough stomach day today as usual. But I’m trying to remain hopeful! Here’s my daily affirmation in case anyone else needs to hear it!☺️ #stomachillness #Undiagnosed #chroniccondition #Roughday #nausea #Vomiting

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Hi! My name is mal. I’ve been having these symptoms and honestly I don’t know what they are I’ve had lots of these for years and I recently went to the doctor about this and he told me that I was dehydrated which i was but my symptoms didn’t get better with drinking more water. For context I have been diagnosed with anxiety, adhd and an eating disorder anyway to the symptoms.
.cold and hot flashes
.constant purple/mottled hands and legs
. Numb hands
.often dizzy
.when I stand up I often sit back down because of feeling lightheaded
. Nausea before eating
.often sweaty
.often tired after simple tasks (dishes, making bed)
If anyone knows anything related to these symptoms I would appreciate so much if you could reach out. Thank you!!! #help #nausea #Dizziness #dizzy #cold flashes #Hot flashes #numbness #purplehands #Fainting #lightheaded #Sweaty #chronic fatigue

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If there’s no finish line, then what’s the point

I’m 24 and have been sick all my life. From a traumatic birth, getting diagnosed with asthma at one day old, getting a lung infection at a few months old and constantly having a cold, or flu, or headaches that take days to go away, or migraines that take weeks to go away, or muscle pain, or skeletal pain, or inflammation, or some weird new pain or ailment.

I’m starting to have a real hare for healthy people. Not only do they have absolutely no idea how lucky they are, they don’t seem to understand that not everyone has that. They don’t seem to understand that I’m not doing it for attention, I’m not lazy, I’m not “obsessed with being sick”, I’m not incapable and I’m not someone that wants to be sick. Why the hell would I want to do this to myself?

And why, for the Love of everything good in this world, am I expected to just function like everybody else. I’m expected to perform at work like everyone else, to be able to do everything from sleeping 8 hours (lol) to cooking, cleaning, working, eating, working out, do stuff on weekends.

I just want to sleep, and cry in peace. No one understands the absolute mental toll their expectations or comments puts on me. You don’t think I feel guilty? You don’t think I think those things about myself?

Explain to me how being worried that a flare up can happen at any point for any reason, that a new symptom will just appear and force itself to become my new normal, that I’ll lose my job, that my friends are irritated with me, that my partner is getting sick of me being sick, how would I want this?! Why the hell would I want this? Why would I want to spend thousands on medical bills, or have a doctors appointment on my diary at any give n point, or have a search history that would put a medical journal to shame, or have multiple spreadsheets tracking absolutely everything I do because you never know when a new illness will pop up.

I’m exhausted. I’m so so exhausted. Mentally, physically and emotionally. I cry daily, I’m in pain every single day. And the worst part is I DONT KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH ME BECAUSE NO ONE WILL HELP ME. My body is literally trying to kill me and I can’t stop it. How am I expected to function like everyone else when at this point I’m barely a person or a human being?

I feel like an empty, pointless bag of scrap molecules that’s being tortured for entertainment.

I don’t know how long I can continue like this. I’m contemplating ending everything 3 times a week at the very least. I’m screwing up my liver with medication. For what? What’s the point? To stay alive so I can continue to do this every day? Hope that one day I’ll have a day where I’m just a normal girl with a normal life? That day hasn’t come for 24 years, why the hell would it come at all.

I’m just. I can’t anymore. I’ve reached capacity. #tired #ChronicPain #nausea
#Migraine #done

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There's a crap ton of stuff going on in my life at the moment. My husband has been diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer and will have his kidney and uriter removed at the end of March, along with the lymph nodes involved if they can reach them, then chemo. He drives long haul trucks and is our source of income, other than my SSDI, and he'll be off for at least 6 wks. To make matters worse, he's been home for a week R/T appointments surrounding this. My health problems alone are enough to make my life a crap fest. Now I'm having even more trouble with pain, insomnia, in ability to eat good food, and to top it off I fell for the first time in a year this morning.🙄 I'm also in need of getting what's left of my teeth out and fitted for dentures (because insurance companies haven't realized that implants last a lot longer there for are less costly in the long term)🙄 I also had to miss my Botox appointment at the beginning of the month and couldn't get in again until the 30th, so I'm having headaches on top of the fibro/arthritis flare I'm in the mitz of. I do get all kinds of kitty purrs and snuggles, especially in the loo🤣 Our smallest cat, Rosie, believes I should never be alone in there. She'll also sleep with me at night, except she's not allowed to when my husband is home. Thanks for listening.🐧#nausea #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #ChronicDepression #ChronicPain #SensoryProcessingDisorder #ChronicTinnitus #PTSD

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I am constantly processing how unsafe of a situation I was in. I didn’t fully realize it until recently.
Now I’m dealing with the consequences with #Agoraphobia #PanicAttacks #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #ChronicMigraines #nausea #Flashbacks #IntrusiveThoughts
And there is no safety net.
Every time I hear the words “go to a shelter” I am immediately triggered. How does one stay in a shelter when they are so sick? I had an absolutely terror of a migraine because I couldnt get to my aimovig and I had to order a new one but first i needed an address to get it sent to.
Not only was the pain off the charts for me, I couldn’t stop throwing up. But I couldn’t go to the ER because of the last experience I had when I was looking for safety from the relationship I was in and they called me paranoid and suicidal.
I cannot manage my triggers. I cannot stop shaking. I’m rapidly alternating between hot and cold
Also- for funsies my pharmacy doesn’t know when it’s going to get my #ADHD meds back in so I have a couple of pills to get me through… three days? If you have ever had the fun of trying to get a controlled substance switched to a different pharmacy during the holidays- you will recognize the impossibility of doing so.
I’m tired of things being presented to me as options when they aren’t. It feels like these options are only illusions for healthy people to feel safe that if they got to this point, they’d get help.
And I had a housing voucher- but the agency I was working with assigned to help me didn’t. And so now i have to go back on the waiting list while sitting in boiling water. Again. Like- it isn’t a slow simmer. It’s been a rapid boil for years now.
Any proposed solution doesn’t take into account the myriad of obstacles that is my life.
I am lacking most forms of personal/social support. No one in my life “gets it.”
It feels like people are annoyed with me because there are no solutions. The number of people telling me “can’t you just work?” is astounding. Especially considering those people know my situation. They have seen how sick I get.
It just all feels so unbearable and so inhumane.

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