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We can Only Care if we CULL

ooh, today I shredded 20 birthday and Xmas cards and pictures of dumb relative spawn and I feel swell. I also cleared a space for my Antonina who is not merely a feline but rather my spiritual advisor. I have more to shred mostly things that clutter but mean nothing.

Our lives are too filled with debris that we attach sentimental value to but are actually just taking up emotional space. Ask yourself why you hold onto mere trinkets you have infused with raw power that own you. Why do you let other people control you through all of the detritus they have left in your care?

It is not that difficult to rid yourself of even those things that once meant everything or at least seemed to. I had held on postcards, letters, art work, images of persons who betrayed our friendship in an exceedingly cold and unforgiving way. Theirs were the first to go into the shredder which created in me a reaction akin to a sexual response. Yes, I am turned on by the sound of my shredder turning all these false hopes into mulch.

Things we touch remember that touch and communicate with us whenever we discover them long after they have been shoved in a drawer in our mind. They will haunt us because of how dearly we once held them only to discard but not destroy them. If something loses its value you have no obligation to hold onto it because meaning lost can never exist in the same manner. All of that sentimental crap you are holding onto is holding you by the throat. #Life #mind #cleanmind #Clean #Clutter #strenghththroughjoy



I noticed that if I clean and tidy a room in the house, I get loads of benefits. First is happiness, then it's pride, then a sense of achievement followed by a smattering of contentment. I love walking into my kitchen now.. Hated it yesterday. Let people into your life and your home. Trapping yourself in your home or your room is like having no oxygen. We are only human but we are individuals and therefore we are in control of our mind, body and future. Share your problems and experiences rather than give signals to others.... You are only giving yourself false hope of a positive resolution unless you can open up fully to another person. You can do it! 😁

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