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Today in group were talking about clutter. In the mind and stuff we collect. How stuff is just stuff. How we get attached to stuff. When a few of us talked about how some loves books and collects them and they bring them joy. Someone wrote. "it's selfish to keep books you don't like/love read".. That comment some how made me cry and feel gulity. Thinking maybe i have books i don't fully read. Now it just really upset me. But i think i did get rid of a like 2 bags of vbooks i don't want. So that is good. I'M a highly

Highly Sensitive Person. Aslo about how having to much stuff, and when the time comes when you pass leaving a lot of stuff your loved ones need to clean out. This topic really got to me. Just need to vent.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Clutter

It got me thinking of all the stuff my mom left behind and how i had to clean it out.

Now i just don't wanna buy shit anymore. I feel guilty.

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How To Declutter And Improve Your Mental Health

So excited for you to hear today's podcast episode! I spoke with Krista Lockwood about how she accidentally stumbled into decluttering and how it changed her life and improved her mental health and emotional well-being. This episode inspired me so much that after speaking with Krista, I ran around my house gathering things into garbage bags and piles. My home feels better already!

If the clutter in your home is stressing you out or causing you to feel overwhelmed or anxious then listen to today's episode because Krista gives tons of great tips on how to declutter and how to move past certain mindset blocks.

97. How To Declutter And Improve Your Mental Health - AccordingtoDes

#Clutter #deClutter #mentalhealthtips #MentalHealthAwareness #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthpodcast #Therapist #clutterfree

97. How To Declutter And Improve Your Mental Health - AccordingtoDes

Hello and welcome to my podcast, The Wellness Project with Des. On today’s episode I speak with Krista Lockwood about the power of decluttering. I’m Desiree, a Mental Health Therapist that is passionate about helping people improve their mental health and live a healthy and fulfilled life. One way I do this is by interviewing experts in […]
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Are you a clutterbug? #TreatmentresistantDepression #TRD #Clutter #organization

Has your Illness caused you to have a buildup of stuff? Do you stockpile due to past trauma? I definitely do. I want to make sure that I don’t go without anything. And then after a while, the clutter becomes overwhelming and I sink into darkness. 😩


Messy home

I need to get my front room in order. And I really need to start filing my paperwork properly.

I've lived in my one bedroom apartment for a year now and I've recently started in my new role at work that means I'm committed to staying in this city for at least another year. (Side note: I don't really want to be living in this city at all.) The thing is, I've moved so often in the past decade (between cities, regions, countries, and continents) that it's hard for me to properly settle down. I don't want to invest in nice furniture because it will be difficult to transport when I move again. I don't want to get super comfortable here because it isn't going to last. But I say all that as if someone else is determining my actions - it's actually all up to me if I stay or go.

I keep trying to break down the things to do into smaller tasks, but when I try to do something, I just end up sitting on the couch staring at the clutter instead. It feels overwhelming. Clutter is not great for my mental health, so I need to do something about this.

#homeimprovement #Clutter #moving #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma

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Simplify and declutter #Clutter #deClutter #simple #minimalist #mental #mentaldecluttering #startfresh #Clean #cleanspacecleanmind

I don’t offer post of the mighty however when I do I really remember the reason I signed up. What an amazing community.

One thing the above photo represents is my bedroom- although not perfect- all clean and neat. I have begun practicing being a minimalist and whatever I do not need nor want nor will use anytime past or future- gets given away.

I chop and change when giving away my old belongings as not all ‘do-gooders’ perform the way they state they do. Churches I find have been especially integral in giving back to the poorer population.

Back to the picture...

I have been a bit down and erratic as of late. New changes happening every day, stress and kids and running a house, new job etc etc... yes yes I cannot forget how truly grateful I am but wow, sometimes you wake up and feel like life has knocked you in the stomach. The ups and downs of the last year has got many of us in a stir and a whirlwind of emotions we haven’t been trained to process so simply we are all ‘winging it’ at the moment, trying to feel a small sense of normalcy and control while things clearly are not that way.

On a positive note- as in the above pic- I have started- room by room- one day at a time- cleaning out every last item in each part of the room and purging items that no longer serve me.

I have been surprised by the sense of freedom and weightlessness of not having too much ‘stuff’. Instead I have kept only what I need. This one simple act has changed the vibe in every part of my home and has changed the energy too. I would really recommend it.

I have even started applying it to my social media and devices- every day I delete one-two apps off my phone. Very small but lighter feeling in the end!

Keep safe and healthy and dm me for any questions or just to have a safe space to chat.

Love and light

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I truly believe this quote! Whatever clutter represents to you, I want to help you be your best self! #Clutter


We can Only Care if we CULL

ooh, today I shredded 20 birthday and Xmas cards and pictures of dumb relative spawn and I feel swell. I also cleared a space for my Antonina who is not merely a feline but rather my spiritual advisor. I have more to shred mostly things that clutter but mean nothing.

Our lives are too filled with debris that we attach sentimental value to but are actually just taking up emotional space. Ask yourself why you hold onto mere trinkets you have infused with raw power that own you. Why do you let other people control you through all of the detritus they have left in your care?

It is not that difficult to rid yourself of even those things that once meant everything or at least seemed to. I had held on postcards, letters, art work, images of persons who betrayed our friendship in an exceedingly cold and unforgiving way. Theirs were the first to go into the shredder which created in me a reaction akin to a sexual response. Yes, I am turned on by the sound of my shredder turning all these false hopes into mulch.

Things we touch remember that touch and communicate with us whenever we discover them long after they have been shoved in a drawer in our mind. They will haunt us because of how dearly we once held them only to discard but not destroy them. If something loses its value you have no obligation to hold onto it because meaning lost can never exist in the same manner. All of that sentimental crap you are holding onto is holding you by the throat. #Life #mind #cleanmind #Clean #Clutter #strenghththroughjoy