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Count it ALL Joy #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression ##combatptsd

It’s fascinating how, and I’m not immune, to hear self diagnosing from loved ones for a number of reasons. Most importantly how it damaged me and still does occasionally.
Considering how astonishingly unique we all are and some of these (all) mental disorders are theoretical and symptoms are similar in many cases.
My experience in searching out answers for explanations could be problematic. Seeking treatment, for the most part has not been.
It can change the lenses I look at myself and others thru, disrupting expectations. 😖🤯😂😍😥😒😎. Today with all these emotions going on and my “head/lens’s”, insert clinical term here.....trying to pull my thoughts in different directions, I’m counting it all joy. Understanding the difference between boundaries and expectations, especially for the person I love the most is one of several things that makes me feel worth loving and being loved. If you have (a loyal and unselfish concern for someone) right now...and your feeling any negative emotion realize this. That is one definition of love. Count that all JOY!


VA has a caregiver program to compensate those that care for disabled vets. This program is for veterans that would otherwise "institutionalized". (i.e. visibly disabled is what they really mean)
There is a high rate of divorce and/or suicide because it is not easy living with the ongoing trama of combat PTSD for the veteran, the caregiver to care for a veteran with severe combat PTSD, yourself, and especially so when you have kids. So with that being said I have 2 questions.

Question 1: How are you to work outside the home when you are worrying or better yet trying to keep a job when you have to leave if a major flashback sends you home too many times?

Question 2: Which institution works for those who decide is part of the program, mental institution, prison mental ward or dead?

I would like to know which institution would prefer for those who risked their physical and mental well-being to serve their country?

#invisiblewounds #invisiblewoundsmatter #combatptsd #Caregiving