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Trauma: Service Members Unable To Be Present For Births

On Father's day, we need to realize that many of our service members cannot be with their loved ones today. In thag spirit we need to realize the trauma happening with this. Personally I have a friend who is a service member that had a child. Her significant other is also a service member. Her S/O has yet to be able to meet his new daughter after over a month. That is trauma for him, for her, and the child. There's so many excuses that are made but when it all books down to it there is no way that soldier can be effective enoigh and morale is injured severely when a soldier is. We ask so much of our service members but then we turn around and fail to serve them in turn from the very internal depths of the military organizations. These are human beings that are being put through dangerous circumstances that contribute to the formation of cptsd, ptsd, and other mental health concerns. To do this to them is inhuman. There is no defense at all in a modern society with all we now know about trauma. These people deserve so much more. And this is not a unique situation here. It is a problem throughout the US military branches. And if they're worried about a soldier being gone for a short time for this life event, might I suggest reinstating the Trans service members you so callously removed and allowing those you banned to be able to reduce your "burden". #Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Pregnancy #Militaryptsd #USNavy #Army #FathersDay #Depression #Anxiety #Motherhood #BirthTrauma #MedicalTrauma

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When did this happen to me?

I was going to be Army Strong. A provider. The strength must have been too much this bag of bones to handle collapsing within this old sack of flesh. Brain tell right leg to move. Alright right leg let’s go. The bone moves and the flesh stays. A will with no way. If I am the puppet master why have the strings weakened? Ache 🤒. #Veteran #Army #MyCondition #whatisthis


#MentalHealth #Army #suggestions

So I had an attempt seven months ago. I did not want to die but I wanted the pain to stop. Ever since then, I’ve felt like a whole new person. I have learned from my mistakes and my past. I want to do something greater than myself, I want to live. Ever since that day, that dark cloud has passed and I’ve been feeling like I am ready to live and do better than what I’m doing currently. I am really thinking about joining the National Guard. I read that there are waivers for people with mental health issues? I did submit a form to be able to reach out to a recruit( I’ve had this heavily on my mind since last year) so this is something I really want to do. Anyone else here a vet or with some experience to shed some light on if I should pursue this? Or someone I could talk to before I reach out to the recruit? Thanks


Help needed! #quadraplegic #hero #Army #help #medical

Sorry if this isn't the right place, but I'm lost right now with where to go to help. So I have a friend who was involved in an accident in April, who was active and always on the go, who is now a quadraplegic. He is an ex-servicemen from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. We are trying to raise money towards his accessible housing, wheelchair and medical needs he has now and in the future. He is so strong but he also has bad anxiety, terrors from the accident and not sure how to control all his feelings. He is a close friend and means the world. My anxiety and depression hit the roof when this happend but I refuse to let him see this as he is the one in the bad place. Here is the start of a GoFundMe for him, any donation or any sharing on social media would be hugely appreciated to help lift the burden for him. Sending my love and thoughts to you all if you even read this. His story is so much deeper that the statement on the page but we tried to keep things simple.... #pleasehelp #Anxiety #Depression #future #helpforheroes #Share