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Angry Closure?

So after every possible blood test for my back and hip pain (which has been ongoing for 15 years) this has been labelled as part of my #Fibromyalgia diagnosis. The excruciating radiating popping snapping uncontrollable chronic pain is now a symptom. I'm glad I don't have anything more severe and detrimental to worry about but at the same time I'm furious it's taken this long and this amount of effort to just shove it alongside a condition I STILL don't understand. I've had to use a walking stick intermittently since I was 18 for those bad days where I feel my legs will give way or my hip pain is that severe I can't weight bare. Here was me thinking oh it's probably a condition that can improve with physio or stronger anti-inflammatories..nope. This is just me now for the foreseeable. I had to come to terms with the nerve pain, the body aches, the brain fog and the rest of this ridiculous condition, but now knowing there's very little I can do to improve my mobility (because let's face it, exercise with fibro is not the best option), I feel a bit defeated..and stuck. (also literally stuck on my sofa to my heatpad😅)

Any advice that doesn't involve miraculous mushroom remedies appreciated!

For those of you that work with Fibromyalgia, what work do you do? I swapped from elderly care to office admin as I couldn't physically keep going, but now I'm having more days off sick from sitting at a desk than I was being on my feet all day, bending and moving people. I need a change that satisfies me and my body, as everything else I do to try and be happy is null and void at this point..

Soft cwtches to all x

#ChronicPain #comingtoterms #MentalHealth

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Slowly getting through things

I've been in AA since June, I relapsed back on July 6th when I decided that it wasn't worth staying sober anymore, well on July 7th I got pulled over for an OWI, that really opened my eyes to start getting myself sober. It has been a long recovery process that's for sure. I have since relapsed a few times but I can say this as of September 6th I've been sober, yes the urges suck but I will get through them. #AA #imanalcoholic #comingtoterms #Addiction #AddictionRecovery