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Slowly getting through things

I've been in AA since June, I relapsed back on July 6th when I decided that it wasn't worth staying sober anymore, well on July 7th I got pulled over for an OWI, that really opened my eyes to start getting myself sober. It has been a long recovery process that's for sure. I have since relapsed a few times but I can say this as of September 6th I've been sober, yes the urges suck but I will get through them. #AA #imanalcoholic #comingtoterms #Addiction #AddictionRecovery


Laziness or depression?

I’m in AA and we discuss character defects and lately I have just been so tired. I’m a little bit depressed and just feeling like it’s so hard to clean my house but I’m going to work and doing everything else. Is it laziness or is it depression? All I want to do is curl up in a blanket on my couch. #AA #Depression

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Why Spirituality Matters#Spiritual #heal ##awakening

#Recovery #Prayer #AA

When someone in the midst of a crisis starts asking me questions such as “Why did this happen? What does this mean?” I know that we are about to have a conversation about God. Whether that God resides in a traditional religious institution, an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, or a meditative search for happiness, spiritual engagement matters.

A rich spiritual life feeds our capacity to weather change, including unwelcomed health changes. It uplifts our ability to find satisfaction in ordinary, everyday experiences. For example, I once observed a moving event that demonstrated spiritual energy at work. It happened at an AA meeting in a homeless shelter.

The meeting began with a small circle of homeless men listening as the counselor described their assignment for the coming week. He asked each of them to write a prayer. Everyone agreed, except one man who simply shook his head and stared at the floor. For the next three meetings, he remained silent, while others shared their prayers.

Finally, at week four, the counselor again asked the man if he’d brought his prayer. “Yes,” he replied without any fanfare. He then pulled a crumbled bit of paper from his pocket and offered a six-word entreaty: “Whoever made me keep me safe.”

The core of this petition said much about the man who prayed it. He dared to trust, even for a moment, that life might offer some kind of vital energy beyond his understanding. It also speaks to anyone searching for healing and connection with a source of strength beyond one’s self. Some would call this a spiritual event. Others might say it was an awakening. Whatever one chooses to call this moment, it produced an energy that began to guide this fellow toward recovery. That same gift is available to all of us.


Any AA sponsors on here?

I'm kinda slipping back into a alcoholic habit of mine. Using it to numb my mind and feelings. I need some help. Before I get worse like my brother. #AA #Depression #overthinking #SuicidalThoughts #Anxiety #Fear #afraid #help


I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I have 10 years of sobriety. I'm seeking to find other women with FND in recovery. #fots #AA #bigbook

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First Meeting

I attended my first virtual AA meeting tonight. Wish there were in person ones in my area still going. I think it would have been better to be there in person but I’m glad I took time for the meeting tonight. I want to stop drinking... most days. Still on the journey to figuring out how far down this hole I am and how to climb back out again. But tonight was a step. A step I’m proud of. Wanted to share 🙂 Happy mental health awareness month y’all. It’s also my birthday month yay! ☺️

#AlcoholUseDisorder #AA #PTSD

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God’s Mercy

Today could have been a terrible day. My addiction and mental health thought they would get the better of me. But I reached out. I called my sponsor. I connected with some people from AA. And I made this with my ARMHS worker. I call it “God’s Mercy.”
When I’m doubt, reach out! Work it cuz you’re worth it! 61 days sober today! 30 days clean from self harm. God is so so good! #ArtTherapy #MentalHealth #Addiction #AA #Recovery


Disappointing #Depression #Anxiety #AA #exhausted

I'm so fucking tired of disappointing people. First my family and friends, then people at work. Now I'm disappointing people at AA. Like why fucking bother with anything when you're just gonna disappoint someone. If it's not one person, it's another... Like my depression causes me to disappoint so many people... even myself.. I'm so fucking tired of it. So tired of being tired... And I don't mean physically, I mean emotionally and psychologically... Why bother..... Why...


AA is the LEAST EXPENSIVE therapy out there!

I’m almost at my 8 month anniversary since my suicide attempt. My meds were not working and I was using alcohol to self sooth. It worked for a while until a really bad fight erupted between my husband and I. He stormed out of the house, I drank 3/4 of a bottle of vodka and locked myself in the garage with the car running.

I have my own therapist, we also go to couples counseling now. I recently started to go to AA meetings, and have found that a lot of what they talk about is EXACTLY THE SAME, as what I pay my therapist $180 per hour for. #AA #SelfMedicating #Anxiety