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Sometimes I hate language #Autism #CommunicationDisorder #AugmentativeAndAlternativeCommunication #LanguageDisorder

Lately the stress in my life has been messing with my language abilities, more than usual. Mostly expressive, but of course, since I have developmental receptive language difficulties as well, that's affected too. It's reminded me (over and over again) that the basic, underlying , fundamental difficulties that have been with me all my life really haven't changed, even though I've got oodles more compensatory skills than I used to. Many of which I've been losing to various degrees, for varying lengths of time.

I really don't have anyone in my life anymore who understands what it's like to struggle with language, to struggle with communication, to struggle even with the concepts that underlie these things. Much less the physical difficulties that present themselves periodically as well. (Movement disorder type things, which may or may not be partially diagnosed). #Apraxia #ApraxiaOfSpeech #VocalCordDysfunction #FocalDystonia #SensoryProcessingDisorder #SensoryIntegration

I feel like such an alien sometimes... having difficulty understanding concepts other people (even children) take for granted, yet easily understanding and being able to do things other people find difficult, easily.

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This is gonna be my first post ever.

I’m going make it short and sweet.....maybe sour alittle.

Write down a paragraph, chapter if you have to about one word.....Pragmatic.

Please. I want to know more, anyone else struggling with the same thing? Communication disorders? How do they treat you? How do you approach? How do you respond?

I’ll make more posts later by because I’m looking over my shoulders constantly hurrying to meet the end. Please share everything you can think of or know of. #CommunicationDisorder #Communication #Pragmatic #Paradoxical Contradiction #stuckinthemiddle #Inability to communicate