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This isn’t so much for https://anyone.I wanted to have a reminder

We only need each https://other.Its our choice to cry alone, laugh alone, grieve alone, play alone.
It’s also our choice to join up and become friends, even if it’s over https://ZOOM.Have a ZOOM party in your room, share a drink , eat a meal together, play truth or dare, tell secrets.
Being lonely is hard, I know that COVID-19 has broken some of https://us.Has left some of us https://alone.Its even torn families apart.
But...we can choose to get back out there even stronger than before.
Once everything slows down, we’ll make memories again.
Families will become whole again and as life has taught us we will smile again(not that we ever stopped).
Nothing will ever be the same, but as I’ve learned, being the same isn’t what we should strive https://for.And we need to accept this new reality, COVID isn’t going anywhere.

Spread love
Spread joy
And spread a little Nutella for good measure...
And for the love of GOD!!
Keep smiling, laughing, dreaming and planning.

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#focusonability #nomoretears #covid192020 #KGA2020

#ChronicIllness well it’s bloody HARD that’s the honest truth I don’t know what to say I can’t be a untruthful and sugar coat it it is what it is. Trust; I don’t like it so however someone may look sympathic - PLEASE stop & think and remember empathy is all; it’s ok I’ve accepted it now can it be on it’s really in your court . I do need sympathy however empathy.

The world needs EMPATHY
I’m greatful for so much the ability to still walk a huge gift I know i should not be so quick to forget

Pyshical pain - not for the faint hearted

To be #chronicallyillin2020 ? No unfortunately tho CHANGE #focusonfilm #disabilitysupportpensioner #thankyoutoeveryonekeepingsafe #YOURTHEDIFFERENCE #focusonabilit2020 #chronicpelvicpainnotacceptedinaustralia #challangetomoveonafter ✌🏼🐾🌿🌨🌔🌻🌏✌🏼🕊 #Hypotension #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder nervedamage