I have severe terror of loss I protected my family as long as I practically could do ! Now they put themselves at risk & im still terrified and severely phobic not for me for my family ! I continue to go to extreme to protect them ! It's made me almost agoraphobic ! Let me be clear it is not OCD ! I have a diagnosis of severe covid phobia ( possibly trauma related ) I see no hope or way out of this dispute my best efforts! Cbt I've been told is not right for me & will not work ! I a million percent agree ! As I've had for anxiety over the decades many courses trialled and failed I refuse CbT !! The phobia holds validity in everything I do albeit minor risk or major risk !! The phobia is set and deeply entrenched into my being now ! My behaviours are OTT some are not ! They are done to try and remove all potential risks to family ! So that may be irrational to many but to me I feel I want to remove all risk I can ! Pple say things like everything you do holds risk ! Agreed but if you could lessen the risks and had control over them you would if you wanted to be very very cautious! Has anyone experienced #COVID19 #Phobia ? What's your story ? Or are there any psychologists on the site who would like to input feel free ! Kind Regards