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    Swallowing Phobia -The Speakmans


    Severe covid phobia #covidphobia

    I have severe terror of loss I protected my family as long as I practically could do ! Now they put themselves at risk & im still terrified and severely phobic not for me for my family ! I continue to go to extreme to protect them ! It's made me almost agoraphobic ! Let me be clear it is not OCD ! I have a diagnosis of severe covid phobia ( possibly trauma related ) I see no hope or way out of this dispute my best efforts! Cbt I've been told is not right for me & will not work ! I a million percent agree ! As I've had for anxiety over the decades many courses trialled and failed I refuse CbT !! The phobia holds validity in everything I do albeit minor risk or major risk !! The phobia is set and deeply entrenched into my being now ! My behaviours are OTT some are not ! They are done to try and remove all potential risks to family ! So that may be irrational to many but to me I feel I want to remove all risk I can ! Pple say things like everything you do holds risk ! Agreed but if you could lessen the risks and had control over them you would if you wanted to be very very cautious! Has anyone experienced #COVID19 #Phobia ? What's your story ? Or are there any psychologists on the site who would like to input feel free ! Kind Regards

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    Thank God for therapists

    Since Christmas, I have been struggling with BPV, a type of virtigo caused by the crystals in your inner ear getting out of whack. I have had it before, and know it can be fairly quickly resolved with an exercise called the Epley Maneuver.

    HOWEVER, nothing is simple when you are dealing with multiple health conditions. My osteoporosis has led to breaking both shoulders, which limits me from leaning on my arms as required by the Epley Maneuver. I also have a fall phobia which makes the virtigo much more unpleasant.

    I want the PBV to go away as soon as possible, and have no way to do so on my own. My doctor referred me to a PT, but I was sceptical they could deal with my complicated little self.

    Boy, did I underestimate the skill of a good PT! Not only is she helping me through the Epley Maneuver, but she has a whole bag of tricks to help with both the virtigo and the fall phobia. Thank God for therapists!


    Just wanted to share a little win I had recently

    Im very proud of myself because last week I had botox for the 4th time in my forehead to help with migraines and I didnt faint or have a panic attack. I have a phobia of needles and with the crippling anxiety Ive been having recently I had been putting off my appointment for 8 months! But after suffering with migraine after migraine I finally got the courage and booked an appointment. I have the loveliest lady doing my botox and she is so patient with me. And after leaving my appointment I wanted to cry because I had managed to go through with it without any issues. A very proud moment and its given me a confidence boost 🥰 its the small victories 🥰 #botox #Migraine #ChronicPain #anixety

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    Dog phobia

    I swear dog phobia is the worst ever…
    I don’t know why dog owners get offensive when they see you are scared of their dogs.
    Ohhhh please it’s not under my control
    Why don’t people try to understand others sometimes ?!


    Driving Anxiety

    On the second day of driving practical classes, my instructor led me to a busy road. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to learn how to drive because I couldn't follow him, couldn't turn when I needed to, kept using the pedals inappropriately, and the car repeatedly stopped in the lanes.I am frightening whether I can learn driving?


    #Phobia #panic #Stress

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    Eating Disorder

    I always feel annoyed, concerned, and shout at my kids and wife ,I am using my phone a lot and the internet. When it's time for bed, I also find it difficult to fall asleep and I consume junk food well into the night and am unable to get a good sleep.#EatingDisorders #Phobia #Anxiety #GAD #sweat

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    Driving Phobia

    I am in progression of learning Driving, sometime back I hit a car by them I developed phobia that I couldn't drive car and feeling scared to learn and drive on main roads.


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    I started an Anxiety Journey YouTube Channel. Would mean a lot to get a little support! I’m so nervous !

    Hi there I usually post quotes on a mental health friendly supportive Instagram account, occasionally I journal or blog very rarely on blogs I’ve tried before, but I’ve never ever been brave enough to show my face and actually try a YouTube account D: and not be more anonymous behind the screen supporting. I would really appreciate any love or opinions before I risk getting hate comments or trolls with mental health stigma haha > mental health advocate than 😅😂🤣 people actually see it. But I would love to be able to help someone out there not feel so alone in their struggles or offer hope if they are just beginning their journey or could use some kind words/ experiences

    If anyone could give me a bit of a boost 😂 so I don’t freak out or overthink the fact I actually did this and made it public and it could actually become something meaningful, I appreciate it! But if not :) I’ll do my best to do it myself, thanks! I tried to be brave and just do it instead of only think about it as a new hobby/ outlet.

    My YouTube channel is:

    My Anxiety Journey

    Or was thinking

    Inside My Anxiety Journey, since it’ll be pretty personal ^^ and genuine/ raw :p at times telling my experiences or what it’s like struggling with an invisible illness, physical/ mental.


    Appreciate any love
    I feel so nervous and embarassed. But actually proud I had the guts to do it D: though I was so back and forth about it.

    Hope I’ll stick to it whether I receive good feedback or not, to actually make a meaningful difference and get more courage to do other things like this with advocacy groups or opportunities.

    PS the 3 views are probably me 😅😂 overthinking and analyzing it too much but trying not too haha 😛 😆. I’m a work in progress lmfao 🤣 lol.

    A really big deal to me, because I’m perfectly fine being open about my experiences and trying to help or relate to others and support them too, but not used to putting it on the internet like that with my face D: and fear the stigma or openness about it it’s so risky hehe but worth it :) in a way. So I hope it’ll be the start of something new and good. Feel free to share if you have any blogs, YouTube accounts or any fun hobbies/ outlets too ! :)

    Also** I’m not posting to promote it, hope it’s allowed here, just needed a little love or support so I don’t back out on my idea 😅😅🥺😭😿💡💖😊😛😆😆😆 because I feel so alone in my experiences sometimes, and don’t want others to feel like that too.

    And be alone struggling.

    #Anxiety #Support #help #nervous # anxiousbuthappy #anyfeedback #Youtube #New #youtubeaccount #Vlog #Blog #Trying #MentalHealth #Love #Support #supportneeded #ThankYou ! #tryingtobebrave #TheMighty #Community #thanks #appreciateit #Depression #OCD #physicalhealth #MentalHealth #Hobby #Outlet #tryingtofacefears #Phobia #PublicSpeaking #post #Posting #courage #shy #tryingtobebrave #somethingnew #newaccount #youtubeaccount #youtubechannel

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    This phobia has ruined my life. I’m always scared I’ll be s**k or that food is dangerous. I check for expiration dates on everything, even water. I won’t eat out, I can’t leave my house. I take pepto & Imodium religiously to the point I’m concerned with the usage. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t gain weight, I can’t control the panic attacks, now that flu season is here I’m a wreck. #Emetophobia