In about 8 hours my Amazing Wife is leaving to spend 8 glorious days with her Mom in Frorida.😎 It is always good for Tams to do this once, maybe twice a year; it's a well earned vacation away from all the countless daily battles, at least try to. I'm going to remain positive while she is away knowing she is safe, of course I'll be waiting with phone close in case she needs our conversations to help her avoid a manic attack, or anxieties that could be triggered from someone or something around her. She is the Love of my life, she has a mental illness,we fight together to make it better, there is hope with Loving a Woman who suffers from #BPD #Bipolar2 #PTSD # #DepressionAdhd #General Anxiety. Once we started to understand what was happening just under 5 years now, she dug in and reasearched everything there was to know, and with both of us going through therapy to understand all of its glory, we found a way to work with each other to make daily living a little easier. Thank you for listening. Steve