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Any ideas on what is attacking me? #General auto immune #RheumatoidArthritis

I've been referred to a rheumatologist, but it'll take time before seeing him. So, I'm wondering if anyone recognizes my symptoms?

Started with a minor injury to left foot. Left foot then began to feel like it was sprained, a few days later it felt broken. Along with this came alot of swelling. Then my left ankle became involved and it felt like I was walking bone on bone. About the middle if this 2-3 week process my right foot/ankle began to feel the same way. This was when I started using 2 canes to get around. After about 4 weeks from the beginning of this my left knee started to act up.
It felt like I was walking with broken glass in my knee. Slowly over the next 2 weeks this pain completely overtook my feet, ankles, knees and is now starting on my hips.
This is by far the very worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. It's excruciating. It now feels like my joints are all operating bone on bone.
I spend 1/3 to 1/2 of every day laying on the couch, feet elevated, crying my eyes out because of how terrible the pain is. My primary care Dr is helping with managing my meds and prescribing some pain meds. But these only work so well for so long. In addition to this I feel like some thing is taking over my body.

If you read this whole thing thank you so much. And if you recognize these symptoms please let me know, thank you

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Use of words #

99.9% of people on here have a diagnosed mental illness. I was thinking of how we as individuals and as a community use words to explain our illness/es and how we feel about it.
Do we use positive, negative or possibly neutral language?
I used to use the word "suffer" almost by default to describe my feelings, thoughts and situation. During my hospital stays between 2013 and 2015 my psychologist helped me to use terms like " live with", "work with" or "accept" . For me these terms helped with understanding the highs, lows, negatives, positives that living with BP2, GAD and still to be diagnosed PTSD. ( familial emotional and physical abuse, bullying and spousal abuse) #Bipolar , #General anxiety disorder,# PTSD. Like a lot of people i have severe lows to go with my "normal" moods but i work on using positive words both internally and when conversing with others. I use mindfulness exercises, physical exercise and where possible talk therapy with friends and family.
By choosing our words be they positive, neutral or negative we choose how we feel internally and how we present to others externally.
This is your choice and when all is said and the only person we have to look at in the mirror is ourselves. let's choose to be positive and like and love who we are


Ever felt like ur head is filled with noise(radio static) and u aren't able to hear yourself? It takes a lot of energy to find urself #General


#BPD #Bipolar2 #wife

In about 8 hours my Amazing Wife is leaving to spend 8 glorious days with her Mom in Frorida.😎 It is always good for Tams to do this once, maybe twice a year; it's a well earned vacation away from all the countless daily battles, at least try to. I'm going to remain positive while she is away knowing she is safe, of course I'll be waiting with phone close in case she needs our conversations to help her avoid a manic attack, or anxieties that could be triggered from someone or something around her. She is the Love of my life, she has a mental illness,we fight together to make it better, there is hope with Loving a Woman who suffers from #BPD #Bipolar2 #PTSD # #DepressionAdhd #General Anxiety. Once we started to understand what was happening just under 5 years now, she dug in and reasearched everything there was to know, and with both of us going through therapy to understand all of its glory, we found a way to work with each other to make daily living a little easier. Thank you for listening. Steve


OMG-1st day on Adderall What am I thinking??? EVERYTHING!!!! Is this right? Feel like I’m freaking out!!!! #Adderall #General


Tooth out

Another tooth out yesterday morning. Pain that is driving me crazy now. Tired and in general pain before I started yesterday and I’m really fed up now. #Dentist #ToothExtraction #General pain


Sleepless Nights

I can’t sleep I go and go until my body says no more, if I sit down I’m done. I will constantly move and find things to do until everyone in my family goes to bed. #General